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BACKWATER - Backwater (2015) full


Hailing from Switzerland, BACKWATER was founded in 2012 by 3 members of hard rockers Sideburn, a very good outfit presented on this blog years ago. The band was ready for their self-titled debut which will hit the stores today.

Bass player Michel Demierre and guitarists Boris & Fred Gudit wanted a more classic rock, rootsy sound for this new project, quite different from their work in Sideburn.
Indeed, “Backwater” takes influences from American acts like ZZ Top or Molly Hatchet, but also classic riffage in the vein of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Krokus, all with a touch of hard rock and southern ala Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Singer Marc Vermot sounds like the Swiss version of a young Danny Joe Brown (first Molly Hatchet vocalist), and fits greatly with the aforementioned Backwater influences providing a roaring set of vocals with a slight Southern twang.
The songs are groovy and filled with high voltage guitars and a hard driving rhythm section.

“Muddy In My Head” sets the musical scene via succulent riffs, classy vocals, a catchy rhythm and lyrics tributing the American foundational bluesy rock. A fine touch of slide guitar contributes to the general comforting atmosphere even further.
The title track follows immediately afterwards and joins almost seamlessly. The backing vocals strengthening the verses all the time are really cool.

BACKWATER - Backwater (2015) inside

“Hey Man” then sprays a little John Fogerty feeling, “Looking For The Thrill” rocks with melody and a steady rhythm section, and “Moving Like A Reptile” is a slow, haunting bluesy number aptly to drive on a desert highway.

The fun hard rockin’ “Lie To Me” raise the tempo again, followed by the whiskey-soaked “The Duel”, then the effective “Rock ‘n’ Roll Devil” makes your foot tap again and again. AC/DC fans will love this one.
The melodic, acoustically driven “Ride On Wild Horses” showcase Vermot’s classic vocals, while “Born For Rhythm” brings back the true ZZ Top when they used to be a real rock band.
The anthemic “Freedom Ride” has a more modern sound similar to Airbourne, and “Never Be Down” ends the disc in full fledged Rose Tatoo style plenty of great riffs.

BACKWATER - Backwater (2015) logo

“Backwater” is Classic Rock with a Hard Rock edge, pure and simple, yes, but you need to know how to play this stuff with aplomb and feeling.
The guys in Backwater have nailed the spirit of this timeless music, and they rock. They Rock very well.
Production is excellent, bright and crisp in the way I like for this type of music.
Yes, it’s very recommended to have a good rockin’ time.

01. Muddy In My Head
02. Backwater
03. Hey Man
04. Looking For The Thrill
05. Moving Like A Reptile
06. Lie To Me
07. The Duel
08. Rock’N’Roll Devil
09. Ride On Wild Horses
10. Born For The Rhythm
11. Freedom Ride
12. Never Be Down

Marc Vermot – Vocals
Fred Gudit (ex-Sideburn) – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Boris (ex-Sideburn) – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michel Demierre (ex-Sideburn) – Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Bardet – Drums


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