ALAN PARSONS – LiveSpan (2015)

ALAN PARSONS - LiveSpan (2015) full


Legendary British producer and musician ALAN PARSONS released a live recording of the highly successful tour of Germany and Austria that took place in March of 2013, presented on a double CD entitled “LiveSpan“.
The set was released some time ago but only available in Germany, now distributed & shipped worldwide.

The recording was captured on two sold-out nights in the Beethoven Halle in Stuttgart, Germany and it’s an anthology of all the greatest hits of The Alan Parsons Project.
Among the eternal hits “Damned If I Do”, “Eye In The Sky”, “Old And Wise” or the super-melodic “Don’t Answer Me”, we have the entire suite of “The Turn Of A Friendly Card” that has never been previously released as a live performance.

Ok, The Alan Parsons Project always was a studio-project per excellence, so… what’s the point for a live performance?
Well, call it nostalgia or whatever, Alan Parsons’ rabid fans (like me) need this one. Not only for collector purposes, but also because it’s a very good performance.
Casual listeners also have much to discover; listen all these songs performed by Parsons’ current band (including singer PJ Olsson), as none of these musicians played / sung on the original studio versions.
Ah, and if you dislike live recordings, forget about it: there’s Alan Parsons behind the desk guys… everything sounds pristine without audience interruptions, just some faded-out claps.

ALAN PARSONS - LiveSpan (2015) back

CD 1 :
01 – I Robot
02 – Damned If I Do
03 – Don’t Answer Me
04 – Breakdown
05 – The Raven
06 – Time
07 – La Sagrada Familia
08 – I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You
09 – The Turn Of A Friendly Card
.. I – The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part One)
.. II – Snake Eyes
.. II – Ace Of Swords
.. IV – Nothing Left To Lose
.. V – The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part Two)

CD 2 :
01 – What Goes Up
02 – Luciferama (Lucifer / Mammagamma)
03 – Psychobabble
04 – Don’t Let It Show
05 – Prime Time
06 – Sirius – Eye In The Sky
07 – (The System Of) Dr. Tarr And Professor Fether
08 – Old And Wise
09 – Games People Play
10 – Fragile

Alan Parsons – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Fairlight
PJ Olsson – Vocals
Guy Erez – Bass
Alastair Greene – Vocals, Guitar
Danny Thompson – Drums
Todd Cooper – Vocals, Sax


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