STEVEN WILSON – Hand. Cannot. Erase. [Limited Edition Bonus Disc] (2015)

STEVEN WILSON - Hand. Cannot. Erase. [Limited Edition Bonus Disc] (2015) full


Already presented HERE, the new album by STEVEN WILSON “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” has been receiving glowing reviews (including ours).
The album is out on a number of formats including Blu-ray, 180g vinyl, and this, the now tricky to get hold of Hand. Cannot. Erase. Deluxe Box Set. There’s very few remaining, virtually out of stock at all stores.
The interesting thing from this Limited Edition (apart from the DVD-V 5.1 DTS included), it’s this exclusive bonus CD including music that did not make the final album.

This “Hand. Cannot. Erase. Bonus Disc” include alternate versions – some quite different from the originals – plus a couple of new songs.
“Hand. Cannot. Erase.” is musically more reflective to all of the different material in Wilson’s back catalogue, featuring electronic music elements and straightforward pop songs alongside long progressive-oriented tracks.
The versions featured on this bonus disc are somehow more intimate, explorative, especially the progressive numbers.

STEVEN WILSON - Hand. Cannot. Erase. [Limited Edition Bonus Disc] (2015) booklet

Wilson owns some kind of expressive manner to build his music that everything he creates always sounds different. In fact, many of the cuts on this Bonus Disc feel like new compositions.
In a less than a month of its release, “Hand. Cannot. Erase. Limited Edition” has already become a collectors piece.

01 – First Regret (alternate version)
02 – 3 Years Older (alternate version)
03 – Hand Cannot Erase (alternate version)
04 – Routine (alternate version)
05 – Key Of Skeleton (new)
06 – Ancestral (alternate version)
07 – Happy Returns (alternate version)
08 – Last Regret (new)

Steven Wilson – vocals, mellotron, keyboards, guitars, bass
Nick Beggs – bass, Chapman Stick
Marco Minnemann – drums, percussion

STEVEN WILSON - Hand. Cannot. Erase. [Limited Edition Bonus Disc] (2015) cd photo


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