IMPELLITTERI – Venom [Japanese Edition] (2015)

IMPELLITTERI - Venom [Japanese Edition] (2015) full


Once again Chris Impellitteri and Rob Rock team up for killer stab of Melodic US Shredding Metal; IMPELLITTERI, one of the definitive US Metal acts from the ’80s are back with a new album entitled “Venom” to be released in April by Frontiers Records, just appeared in Japan two days ago.

Chris Impellitteri influenced thousand players with his virtuoso guitar style, and together with ‘the metal vocalist’ Rob Rock they’ve carved names for themselves around the world. Every time they get together magic happens and “Venom” is no exception.
Impellitteri’s fret work is dazzling as always, he always seems to know when to let loose and when to hold back. Unlike some guitar wizards he doesn’t get in the way of the song, that’s always been the case with the band, it seems a strong chorus is just as important as the solos.
Rob Rock’s powerhouse delivery blends perfectly with Impellitteri‘s style, for those who appreciate melody and harmony this album is pure ear candy.

“Venom” has a bit of a theme to it, they are taking you on a journey through all the ages of Metal. Having said that, it’s not forced and the songs stands on their own.
I appreciated that they did add a few different elements to the music, songs like “Rise” and “Domino Theory” in particular seem to be a bit more forward thinking and unique.
Don’t get me wrong, they don’t stray that far from the foundational US metal / hard rock that everyone loves, but they’re not just filling the album with a bunch of soundalike tracks.
I think that’s a big misconception about this underrated genre, there is room for some experimenting and “Venom” does explore some of those boundaries.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the rhythm section of James Pulli on bass and Jon Dette on drums. These guys have the task of giving these songs their backbone and they do so extremely well, the album in its entirety is a spectacular piece of kick ass melodic metal music.

IMPELLITTERI - Venom [Japanese Edition] (2015) inside

Are you afraid to Rock? ’80s US Metal sounds too much outdated for you?
You better check Impellitteri’s “Venom”… this motherf* rocks like few are capable today, a clear example of an era that it isn’t dead, oh no guys, it’s alive, energetic and kick ass as ever.
Highly Recommended.

Victor Entertainment ~ VICP-65294

01 – Venom
02 – Empire Of Lies
03 – We Own The Night
04 – Nightmare
05 – Face The Enemy
06 – Domino Theory
07 – Jehovah
08 – Rise
09 – Time Machine
10 – Holding On

Chris Impellitteri – Guitars
Rob Rock – Vocals
James Pulli – Bass
Jon Dette – Drums


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