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Founded in 2006, Spanish band TABÜ already released 2 albums, but their new entitled “Destino” is a true step forward in their career. Occurs that Tabü are from the same city (Barcelona) of awesome melodic rockers Guru, and their mastermind / guitarist David Palau agreed to produce, mix & mastering “Destino”.

Indeed, “Destino” sounds terrific, sporting a production with nothing to envy to major label releases.
Tabü plays classic Melodic Hard Rock with a feel recalling Mr. Big, Bon Jovi, Gotthard, The Poodles and alike.
“Escúchame” starts with a great synth intro arrangement before exploding into a kicking guitar riff. It’s a full ahead melodic hard rocker where David Garcia showcase his entire vocal potential, while the guitar set-up sound of Jordi Gorchs is big, plenty of harmonizer and sharp playing.
Then “Nada” hails to American AOR circa 1989 pumped by a solid bass line and crowned by a catchy chorus with some Bon Jovi on it. “Contigo estaré” is a classic ballad with pianos and a bluesy foundation, followed by the effective rocker “Soy Yo” floating around a nice melody.
“Sueños” is perhaps the more modern track on the album, a rocking yet controlled song recalling Last Autumn’s Dream.

“Jaula de Cristal” rocks but from an elaborated side, adding a little progressive variation to its hard rock spirit. Great guitar solo and grand finale.
“Quiero Tenerte” i another fine ballad this time half acoustic / half electric, before arrives one of the highlights: “Tan Solo” is the harder track on the disc with an ’80s Whitesnake vibe.
The last three songs are solid as well; the uptempo Bon Jovi-like “Esclavo”, the emotive acoustically filled “Junto a Ti”, and the hot title track “Destino”, a melodic hard rocker where you can hear David Palau’s hand pretty much in the Guru vein, and another highlight.

TABU - Destino (2015) inside

Influenced by American (but at places also European) Melodic Hard Rock acts, Tabü add their own spin to the genre with an AOR touch.
Good songs plenty of melody and solid musicianship – a like a lot the bite of the guitar and the real, very well recorded punchy drums – abound in “Destino”, an album that perfectly could put the band into an international exposure. Behind the desk, Palau take out the best of these guys and his mix / mastering is first rate.
Very Recommended.

01 – Listen To Me
02 – Nothing
03 – I’ll Be with You
04 – It’s Me
05 – Dreams
06 – Glass Cage
07 – I Want You
08 – So Lonely
09 – Slave
10 – Fate
11 – With You

David Garcia – lead vocals
Jordi Gorchs – guitars, backing vocals
Alfred Morom – bass
Jose Angel Sanchez – drums
David Palau – keyboards, add. guitar, producer


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