GAMMA RAY – The Best Of [Deluxe Edition remastered] (2015)

GAMMA RAY - The Best Of [Deluxe Edition remastered] (2015) full


Amazingly it has been thirty years since former Helloween guitarist Kai Hansen formed GAMMA RAY… time flies and it was time for a “GAMMA RAY Best Of“. The release comes as a standard 2CD package, this awesomely presented 2CD limited Deluxe Edition, and for the vinyl junkies, a 4 vinyl gatefold edition.
The band’s backlist are due for re-issue throughout this year too so this marks a nice start to the re-issue campaign.

The tracklisting is handpicked by Kai Hansen himself and you get 25 songs in total, all completely remastered.
There are the early classics like ‘Heading For Tomorrow’ and the pop metal of ‘Heaven Can Wait’, one of original vocalist’s Ralf Scheepers highlights (Scheepers left in 1994 to form Primal Fear with Hansen taking on lead vocals).
Some of the good metal anthems off their later albums like ‘Hellbent’ (a very Judas Priest sounding tune), ‘Avalon’ and ‘Insurrection’ are also here.

Gamma Ray have been one of the most consistent melodic metal acts from the last three decades, maintaining a good level of quality music and never releasing a bad album.
This “Best Of – Deluxe Edition” (packed in a luxury leather box) it’s a really good opportunity to discover the band by rockers whom never heard them. Alongside melodic metal anthems, if you are fan of more melodious, chatchy sounds, you’ll be surprised by many tracks in this style here.
Very Good selection by Kai Hansen.

GAMMA RAY - The Best Of [Deluxe Edition remastered] (2015) back cover

Disc 1:
01 – Armageddon
02 – Heaven Can Wait
03 – Hellbent
04 – Dream Healer
05 – Land Of The Free
06 – To the Metal
07 – Somewhere out in Space
08 – Real World
09 – Induction
10 – Dethrone Tyranny
11 – Rebellion In Dreamland
12 – Heading for Tomorrow

Disc 2:
01 – Eagle
02 – Avalon
03 – Man On A Mission
04 – The Spirit
05 – Tribute To The Past
06 – Empathy
07 – Valley Of The Kings
08 – Lust For Life
09 – Master Of Confusion
10 – Blood Religion
11 – Time To Break Free
12 – Insurrection
13 – Send Me A Sign

Kai Hansen – rhythm and lead guitar, vocals
Dirk Schlächter – guitars, bass
Henjo Richter – guitar, keyboards
Michael Ehré – drums
Ralf Scheepers – vocals
Uwe Wessel, Jan Rubach – bass
Mathias Burchard, Uli Kusch, Thomas Nack – drums


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