CROSSROCK – Come On Baby (2015)

CROSSROCK - Come On Baby (2015) full


Melodic Hard Rockers CROSSROCK hail from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they have played in every venue available since its fromation in 2006. The band are launching their international presentation with “Come On Baby“, their first album now available world-wide.

“Come On Baby” includes songs from the band’s locally released CD now remixed plus some new compositions, rounding 13 solid tracks plenty of hooks and contagious melodies
CrossrocK loves the ’80s. American Melodic Hard Rock to be more precise. And they are darn good crafting tunes in this genre.
The first thing that impresses in “Come On Baby” is the tech: production is really good, as well as mix and mastering. Then the musicianship; full, neat lead vocals, sharp guitar riffs & solos, pumping bass lines, and especially, a kick ass drumming.
You realize all that after the first minute of opener “Call You”, but then you start to pay attention to the song itself… wow, what a rollicking stuff. Reminds me mid-Eighties Stryper.

And there’s more: just check the melodic verses of “Tonight”, the hard rockin’ “It’s All I Need” (great drumming!), the catchiness of “Any Road” akin Americans The Brave, or “So Live” which recalls BloodGood.
The guys balance things with the short acoustic “When Love Goes Away” and the power ballad “Without Love”, before rocking again with the ridiculously catchy “Let’s Dance”.
“I Feel Your Cold” add lots of groove to its hard rock essence, “Never Give Up” is pure melodic rock in a mid-tempo mode (including keyboards), and title track “Come On Baby” is the anthem a in typical Sunset Strip mode.

I am truly impressed by CrossrocK’s output here. Apart from the good songs and production, I think the word that best describes this band is ‘tight’.
They kick some serious ass playing this type of late ’80s Melodic Hard Rock. If you need a comparison of a present act crafting this sound / approach, it should be White Widdow. Yes, CrossrocK is that good.

Of course “Come On Baby” does not had the White Widdow budget, it’s an indie release and in fact many songs were recorded at different periods, but man, these guys managed anyway to come up with a truly cohesive product. Give CrossrocK a proper label support and some bucks, and many ‘big names’ will tremble…
Fans of polished, ultra-melodic yet punchy late ’80s Melodic Hard Rock – Stryper, Ratt, Cinderella, pre-’90s Bon Jovi, Dokken, Black ‘N Blue, etc, – should check CrossrocK’s “Come On Baby” NOW.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Call You
02 – Tonight
03 – It’s All I Need
04 – Any Road
05 – My Life
06 – So Live
07 – When Love Goes Away
08 – Without Love
09 – Let’s Dance
10 – I Feel Your Cold
11 – Come On Baby
12 – Never Give Up
13 – A Letter 4U

Rane – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass
J.P – Drums, Backing Vocals
Israel Nicoletti – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jr. Savio – Bass, Backing Vocals


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