CHALICE – Overyears Sensation (2015)

CHALICE - Overyears Sensation (2015) full


For many young Melodic Hard Rock fans the name CHALICE may sound new, but the band was one of the best German outfits in the genre during the second half of the ’90s / early ’00s with six albums under their belt. After a seven-year hiatus, Châlice is back with a new record released today in their homeland (rest of the world February 24) entitled “Overyears Sensation“.

In the rock n’ roll circus fame and fortune can be described as a ‘overnight sensation’. Years ago Châlice toured all over Europe creating a strong fan base, opening for the likes of Tesla, Magnum, Asia, Alice Cooper and many more. But then the group stop around 2007, and lost some following.
Hence the new album’s title “Overyears Sensation”, showing Châlice never lost their sense of humor over the years, but also didn’t lose the grip on how to compose very good songs.
Always fronted by charismatic singer Gino Naschke, Châlice return in great form delivering a bouncy, melodic, tight collection of 12 tracks.

CHALICE - Overyears Sensation (2015) inside

The disc opens with the anthem “You Better Get Used To It”, a polynuclear hard rocker with a catchy chorus, as we know from Chalice in their best moments. A driving song that immediately grabs your ear with a punchy rhythm section and adorned with the very nice keyboards which always have been an important part in the sound of Châlice.
Guitarist Oliver Scheer provides the necessary hardness to the game, while Naschke showcases that still owns his incisive, sometimes reminiscent of Joe Elliott’s voice.
The overall sound on this new album bring to mind the more melodic side of Pink Cream 69, Pretty Maids or Shakra, blended with some Def Leppard or Gotthard.

Indeed follower title track “Overyears Sensation” could come from any Def Leppard ’90s phase with a cool refrain and a contagious chorus. “Rock’n Roll Machine” on the other hand grooves and swings in the best Aerosmith manner.
Next we have an interesting semi-ballad in “Chasing the Wind”, with a slightly progressive feel and well done choirs, before they rock again with the kickin’ “Glorious Again”, an arena ready melodic hard rocker.
There’s more to enjoy throughout; the soaring and highly melodious “All About Your Love” (with a great chorus), the sharp “Turn Away”, the AORish “Sign of the Times” (a highlight) or the bouncy “Taste It”.

Sporting a very good production by Andy Horn (Rob Halford, Bob Rock) Châlice returns into the Melodic Hard Rock scene with the solid “Overyears Sensation”. This is a strong pack a songs with driving riffs, lots of keyboards and catchy melodies in the best German tradition.
As a special feature, the CD will be released in a lavish digipak including a promo code for a free download of their out of print first album In Wonderland (1995) in remastered form. There is also a limited edition of 500 vinyl LP.
With a very good new album and supporting Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock, Châlice is back in full force to recover old fans and gain new, and they have chops to do it in spades.
Very Recommended.

01. You better get Used to it
02. Overyears Sensation
03. Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine
04. Chasing the Wind
05. Glorious Again
06. All about your Love
07. Turn Away
08. Sign of the Times
09. Shake the Earth
10. Taste it
11. Don’t tell me Lies
12. Last Wish

Gino Naschke (vocals)
Oliver Scheer (guitar)
Axel Hoffmann (keyboards)
Steve Lagleder (bass)
Michael Mehl (drums)


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