VA – Black Dog: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits (2015)

VA - Black Dog: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits (2015) full


Over the course of 15 years, Versailles Records has been one of the most serious labels specialized in Tribute releases celebrating every sub-genre of rock, from Bon Jovi, Kiss, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Motley Crue and more.
Next 26th, January 2015, is the turn of Led Zeppelin with “Black Dog: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits“.

Usually, the ‘selling hook’ of this type of releases is the feature of big names doing covers of famous songs from the band tributed.
However, what makes this Led Zeppelin Tribute “Black Dog: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits” very interesting is the inclusion of not so well known bands from the Rock scene.
Yes, here are members / ex members from Queensryche, Ratt, Warrant, Thin Lizzy, Megadeth, Lillian Axe, Hanoi Rocks, Alice Cooper Band, Skid Row, Leaving Eden and many others, but most are interacting with musicians from other bands, not their current / ex bands.

Alongside, there’s new acts like the very good Baton Rouge Mourge (featured on this blog some time ago), progressive metallers Fierce Atmospheres or superb Finnish melodic rockers White Flame celebrating in great form the timeless classics from the fundamental British legend band fronted by Plant / Page.
We also have main Tribute Bands like This Song Remainz The Same doing a wonderful take on “Stairway To Heaven”, and Cursed Diamond (a Dallas based Tribute to The Black Crowes) covering “Thank You” in a charming way.

VA - Black Dog: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits (2015) inside

Tribute albums sometimes are good, sometimes a complete disaster. Add “Black Dog: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits” to the first appreciation.
This is a really well made project, with strong performances and very good production. And a quite nice vehicle to taste new bands (and some seasoned talented musicians) showing their skills and abilities.
Very Recommended.

CD 1
1. Rock & Roll
Performed by Marko Pukkula, Richard Kendrick, Costello Hautamäki and Lee Thompson
2. Bring It On Home
Performed by White Flame
3. Misty Mountain Hop
Performed by Monkeysoop
4. The Ocean
Performed by Keri Kelli, Richard Kendrick, Tom Drennan, Charlie Bonnett III, Derrick LeFevre
5. Achilles Last Stand 1
Performed by Mystic Force
6. Houses of the Holy
Performed by The Koolest Kids
7. In the Evening
Performed by There Be Lions
8. Kashmir
Performed by Stiletto Ghetto
9. Communication Breakdown
Performed by Baton Rouge Mourge
10. Over the Hills and Far Away
Performed by Snowblynd & Chris Poland

CD 2
1. Stairway To Heaven
Performed by This Song Remainz the Same
2. Ramble On
Performed by A.J. Caruso, Sergio Yetta & Richard Kendrick and Chris Poland
3. Heartbreaker
Performed by High Voltage
4. The Battle of Evermore
Performed by Wicked Garden
5. Whole Lotta Love
Performed by Leaving Eden
6. Achilles Last Stand 2
Performed by Fierce Atmospheres
7. Thank You
Performed by Cursed Diamond
8. This Song Remains the Same
Performed by Rick Spolar
9. Immigrant Song
Performed by Last Pharaoh


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