RICHIE KOTZEN – Cannibals (2015)

RICHIE KOTZEN - Cannibals (2015) full


The first really interesting album coming up this 2015 is the new RICHIE KOTZEN solo record “Cannibals“, released today digitally via Headroom Inc.
After his awesome record with The Winery Dogs, Kotzen returns with another bunch of great songs from his own pen. Accomplished singer and songwriter as well, Kotzen possesses an inimitable guitar style that’s both instantly recognizable and immediately striking.

On his new album “Cannibals”, Kotzen gets deeper into his inspirations. He has of course visited this territory before on past records, but on this new release, he managed to create a cohesive musical environment where heavy-funk, shred and blue-eyed soul co-exist in harmony.
This album also shows his evolution as singer/songwriter and as multi-instrumentalist as well (Richie plays all the instruments) and even have reached a new level as guitarist, playing most of his solos without a guitar pick, just with his amazing fingers.
Additionally, some song seems impregnated by The Winery Dogs’ feel, a classic rock feel.

Title track opens the record with a jumping guitar riff and driven by a monster, pumping bass line. The chorus is hooky and melodic, and Richie plays one of his characteristic two-hands-on the neck solo.
Interesting lyrics too, relevant to today’s society. Richie said that the title of the album (and the song) is basically his way of describing human’s condition.
Then we have the melodic, highly harmonized classic rocker “In an Instant”, the uplifting midtempo “The Enemy” (a highlight), a killer shuffle in “Shake It Off” (complete with organs) and a soulful tune in “Come On Free”.
It’s time for some blues on the groovy “I’m All In” and the ballad “Time for the Payment” (featuring awesome finger picking), and then some psych on the fuzzy “Stand Tall”.
“You” is a very special track, composed by Richie’s daughter, who also plays piano throughout.

RICHIE KOTZEN - Cannibals (2015) inside

Richie Kotzen just keeps getting better and better.
A complete, talented multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and now skilled producer, his new solo “Cannibals” sounds great, honest, sincere. This is music made from the heart, with flesh & blood.
It all works. It all grooves. Production is clean, ‘real’, organic.
Containing a diverse collection of great tunes soaked in emotion, “Cannibals” is a master class in how to write and deliver quality Classic Rock music.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Cannibals
02 – In an Instant
03 – The Enemy
04 – Shake It Off
05 – Come On Free
06 – I’m All In
07 – Stand Tall
08 – Up (You Turn Me)
09 – You
10 – Time for the Payment

Richie Kotzen – Vocals, All instruments
August Kotzen – Piano
Bret Domrose, August Kotzen – Backing Vocals


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