LEGION – Animal Inside / Animal Within (2015)

LEGION - Animal Inside / Animal Within (2015) full


LEGION, the Melodic Hard Rock band assembled by vocalist Phil Vincent and Bob Catley’s guitarist Vince O’Regan are ready to release their 7th CD “Animal Inside“.
As curiosity, the digital version of the album will be entitled ‘Animal Within’, to not be confused with the title track already released as advance one month ago through iTunes, Amazon digital, etc.

Legion continues with the batch of one-album-per-year, as bands used to do twenty years ago. And the best part of it is that the quality of the material on offer seems to not decrease.
Of all Phil Vincent projects, Legion is the more musically balanced: combines melodic rock with a hard rock edge.
Also, the songwriting in Legion is mostly handled by talented partner guitarist Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley, Escape UK), truly showcasing his skills to craft catchy tunes yet with muscle. And we have lots of massive six-string chops.

“Animal Inside” is much more melodic than the last Legion albums.
Whilst the band always has had a definite Dokken influence, over the years Legion developed some kind of own, trademark style.
With their beefed up riffs still intact, the guys worked intensely to create more punchy choruses, and elaborate the songs to avoid repetition.

Among the more ‘melodic approach’ on this new CD we have the pumping “Fantasy”, the midtempo “Roll The Dice” (one of my favorites adorned with clean guitars), the very good ballad “Come Back To Me” (nice atmospheres) and the groovy title track.
“Only A Dream” and “Black Cloud” are deeper compositions with a Winger feel, while “Turn Back Time” and “Don’t Mean Nothing” are the harder, more hard rocking numbers driven by thick George Lynch-like riffs. All solid stuff.

LEGION - Animal Inside / Animal Within (2015) inside

Legion is a band that has honed their craft over the years, and with their seventh album “Animal Inside” confirm they are more than a solid outfit.
The new record finds the band more Melodic Hard Rock oriented than before, with Vincent really convincing at the mic, and O’Regan laying down impressive rhythm lines and tight, effective solos. Cooper and Hopgood form a very consistent rhythm section, seeming comfortable no matter the style of the song.
A very strong new album from a band that really needs the right attention.
Very Recommended.

01. Fantasy
02. Roll The Dice
03. Only A Dream
04. Waiting For The End Of The World
05. Come Back To Me
06. Turn Back Time
07. Standing Alone
08. Animal Inside
09. Black Cloud
10. Don’t Mean Nothing

Phil Vincent – vocals (D’Ercole, Tragik)
Vince O’Regan – guitar (Bob Catley)
Jeff Summer – keyboards
Gavin Cooper – bass (Lionsheart, DiAnno)
Steve Hopgood – drums (Jagged Edge, DiAnno)


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