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Hailing from Regensburg, Germany, 3 DAYZ WHIZKEY has been awarded by the local press as the Best Classic Rock band and Best Live Show of 2014. Despite the ‘sleazy’ band’s name, their third album “Steam“, released last December, confirms these credentials with a meaty blend of traditional hard rock and blues.

With a strong musicianship and short, instant rocking songs, 3 Dayz Whizkey sounds much more British and American than many of the bands born in these territories.
Even the members in 3 Dayz Whizkey adopted ‘anglo-saxon’ artistic names, and their swagger, accent-free lyrics and bar-room melodies reminds you classic acts from the ’70s.
But made no mistake, these guys craft songs made for the arenas.
Guitarist and songwriter T. G. Copperfield declares a true love for rootsy bluesy hard rock, but also for the melodic hard american metalbands of the early ’90s.
So what we have on “Steam” are songs inspired by the greats like Bad Company, Led Zeppelin or The Stones, as well as Aerosmith, Doobie Brothers, The Eagles and, when they go for a little Southern style, ZZ Top.
However, as said, 3 Dayz Whizkey has a very updated approach to its Classic Rock formula, with a modern production and a fresh sound. Blues based Rock is the name of the game here, with the occasional foray into acoustics and nicely arranged vocal harmonies.

3 DAYZ WHIZKEY - Steam (2014) inside

Though there are no less than 17 tracks on “Steam”, it doesn’t feel like it overstays its welcome due to the healthy mix of styles, plus the fact that most of said numbers are under the three minute mark.
The highlights come thick and fast, as all songs have its charm. Never too much heavy, the guitars are the driven force of the songs, always melodic and driving catchy riffs throughout.
Among my favorites are the swagger of opener “Amen Rock And Roll”, the ultra-catchy “The Long Road”, the foot-tapping “White Line”, the wittily-written “One Way Street”, the swampy “Sunrise To Sunset” and the groovy short hard rocker “Dominion Of Rats”.
“Legs” is not a ZZ Top cover but a cool funny rocker instead, while the ballads “The High Price Of Lovin’ You” and “The Wave” show a more delicate side to the band.

3 DAYZ WHIZKEY - Steam (2014) back cover

Initially I felt that 3 Dayz Whizkey’s delivery lacked a little conviction, but after repeated plays you gradually find yourself being absorbed and swept along with the groove they create in “Steam”.
Singer Myles Tyler has the kind of whisky-soaked tonsils that suit this kind of material perfectly, while T.G. Copperfield keeps his solos short and sweet, but still effective.
Any reader with a penchant for Classic Rock with lots of melody and a strong bluesy-based edge will immensely enjoy what 3 Dayz Whizkey have to offer here.
Quite Recommended.

01: Amen Rock And Roll (3:30)
02: Bonfire In The Night (3:50)
03: The Long Road (3:04)
04: The High Price Of Lovin’ You (3:42)
05: Water (3:22)
06: White Line (3:45)
07: One Way Street (2:53)
08: Sunrise To Sunset (3:23)
09: Modern Haircut (3:02
10: Dominion Of Rats (2:52)
11: Change (3:02)
12: Legs (3:30)
13: Back To The Blues (3:44)
14: More Of The Same (4:47)
15: The Wave (3:51)
16: Another Day Goes By (2:36)
17: Bloody River (2:16)

Myles Tyler (vocals)
T. G. Copperfield (guitar)
Brad the Snake (guitar)
Big Tony (bass)
Little Chris (drums)


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