WINGER – In The Heart Of The Young [Rock Candy remaster] (2014)

WINGER - In The Heart Of The Young [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) full


Rock Candy Records has remastered the first two WINGER albums, the self-titled debut already featured here, and this monster entitled “In The Heart Of The Young“, including two bonus tracks.

Winger’s debut was an immediate commercial and critical success, selling in excess of a million units and making frontman Kip Winger’s chiselled look a household name, rivalling even the popularity of Jon Bon Jovi.
At that point in time almost every teenage girl in the USA probably had a poster of him adorning their bedroom wall and every aspiring male rocker wanted to lead a band just as good as his.
For this follow-up album, Kip retained all the positive points of his debut’s success, with no changes to either band members or his producer Beau Hill, except that this time around they elected to record in Los Angeles rather than New York City.

Musically, “In the Heart Of The Young” followed closely in the footsteps of the band’s debut, however all was augmented to the stratosphere: bombastic, catchier, sharper, bringing together 11 tracks of superior Melodic Rock / AOR goodness.
The sound is BIG, the hooks are huge and the songs were as every bit on the money as first time around. Kip’s familiar husky roar wraps itself around classic tracks such as “Can’t Get Enuff”, “Easy Come, Easy Go” or “Miles Away”.
Reb Beach’s work on the six strings is phenomenal, whilst the rhythm section pounds away in a manner befitting some of the world’s most successful melodic hard rock acts like Whitesnake and Def Leppard.

WINGER - In The Heart Of The Young [Rock Candy remaster] (2014) back cover

“In The Heart Of The Young” is simply terrific. It’s easily ranked amongst my favorite 50 Top albums of all time. It’s vibrant, glossy, pumpin’, cheesy at places if you want, but it’s that kind of records impossible to reproduce in the recording studio nowadays.
While any Melodic Hard Rock / AOR fan already must own a copy in its collection, this Rock Candy remaster of “In The Heart Of The Young” is pure gold.
The sound is awesome, and you have two bonus tracks in the form of the original B-side “All I Ever Wanted” and the rare, promotional only edited version of the killer “Can’t Get Enuff”.

01 – Can’t Get Enuff
02 – Loosen Up
03 – Miles Away
04 – Easy Come Easy Go
05 – Rainbow In The Rose
06 – In The Day We’ll Never See
07 – Under One Condition
08 – Little Dirty Blonde
09 – Baptized By Fire
10 – You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner
11 – In The Heart Of The Young
12 – All I Ever Wanted (bonus track)
13 – Can’t Get Enuff [edit] (bonus track)

Kip Winger – vocals, bass, keyboards
Reb Beach – guitars, vocals
Rod Morgenstein – drums and percussion
Paul Taylor – guitars, keyboards, vocals


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