STREET CLEANER – Payback (2014)

STREET CLEANER - Payback (2014) full


Some time ago we presented here an album of music not usually featured on this blog; a retro Synthwave record inspired in ’80s soundtrack movies. As this site is strongly related to ’80s music and we love anything related to the era, let us introduce you STREET CLEANER.
Street Cleaner is Jesse Bishop, a synthesizer / computer maniac and “Payback” is his new (the second) album paying homage to the golden decade.

Inspired by the movies, music and culture of the ’80s, Street Cleaner is a modern synthwave tribute to the decade’s sights and sounds. The soundtrack to a summer blockbuster action film that never was, it tells the story of Jack Slade, a cop by day and masked crime-fighting vigilante by night.
First of all, take a look at that dynamite cover featuring Jack Slade posed in a dimly lit parking lot with his trusty bat in hand. The straight-on centered composition works great with the logo/typeface in a new striking hue of fire orange.
It does not look as a mid-Eighties action movie poster?
Oh yes, as it sounds the music packed inside.

I don’t know you, but I am a sucker for synth-heavy ’80s scores like Blade Runner, Escape From New York or the awesome Manhunter, among others.
Well, “Payback” is Street Cleaner’s own spin on that, with all the atmosphere combining analog and digital synthesizers.

There’s aggressive synths lines mixed with ethereal passages, and kickass electronic drums which grows into the main melodies with dangerous overtones. We find some guitar solos providing emphasis here and there too.
Within seconds you can picture Jack looking badass in his full getup and speeding towards the city with the vivid neon lights washing over the high glossed curves of his motorcycle.

“Payback” is definitely a great trip back to the ’80s, with a lot of cool moments. It feels like it’s out of a big budget Hollywood action movie.
There’s a strong retro Synth underground movement now, so if you like this kind of stuff let us know, we have pretty much releases to potentially review here.
So put on your motorcycle leather jacket and Ray-Ban’s, and strap in for a white-knuckle retro experience.

01 – Slade’s Sundown
02 – Neon Horizon
03 – Nightlife
04 – Dark Pursuit
05 – After Hours Enterprise
06 – Outnumbered
07 – Devil’s Due
08 – Grim Victory
09 – Daybreak
10 – Devil’s Due (Vip D34D Mix)

Jesse Bishop – synths, programming
Jon of the Shred – guitar
Cubosh – loops, sound designer


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