NIGHT RUNNER – Starfighter (2014)

NIGHT RUNNER - Starfighter (2014) full


The retro Synthwave scene inspired in ’80s soundtrack movies is growing fast. We already presented here some talented artists recreating this wonderful era, and NIGHT RUNNER is a new exponent that deserves to be listened by any Synth maniac.
Comprising keyboard / computer freaks Alex Diosdado and Tabique Malevolo, NIGHT RUNNER are presenting “Starfighter”, their debut album.

As you see on the cover artwork designed by Hollywood resident B-Movie digital artist Adrian Majkrzak aka GhostOrbit, “Starfighter” is the soundtrack of an ’84 Summer blockbuster action film that never was, inspired by the Terminator saga (check the video for the track “The Sentinels” below).
NIGHT RUNNER also brings you back to Miami Vice’s frenetic synth layered background music (“Murder in Miami”), spatial sounds (“Invaders”) and all the ’80s related imaginary.
You will find as well a lot of references to Atari arcade games, Japanese Anime (Akira, Robotech, Dragon Ball Z) and synth pioneers Jan Hammer or Harold Faltermeyer.

The guys of NIGHT RUNNER are really faithful to the Eighties style / sound, and unlike many of the new artists from the Synthwave movement, they do not add poppy elements to their music.
“Starfighter” is pure ‘action movie’ soundtrack style, ranging from frenzied DX-7 runs to atmospherics passages transporting you to a cinematic experience.
A must for fans of synth-heavy classic scores like Blade Runner, Escape From New York or Miami Vice.

01. After Hours
02. Invaders
03. Starlight
04. Ride The Sky
05. Roses & Blood
06. Almost There
07. The Sentinels
08. Nuclear Countdown
09. The Driver
10. Murder in Miami

Alex Diosdado – synthesizer, emulator
Tabique Malevolo – synthesizer, programming


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