HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS – Herman’s Scorpions Songs (2014)

HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS - Herman's Scorpions Songs (2014) full


Former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell has brought in singers including Don Dokken, Doogie White, Jack Russell and Tony Martin for a collaborative album. “HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS – Herman’s Scorpions Songs” features 13 takes from the German veterans’ catalogue plus a new song.
It follows a similar acoustic album last year, which he’s been touring with the help of John Parr, Bobby Kimball and Michael Voss – all of whom appear on this new record too.
But “Herman’s Scorpions Songs” is electric, vibrant and hard rocking.

Rarebell was Scorpions drummer during their most successful period (from 1977 – 1996) co-writing the band’s biggest hits. Now solo artist, Herman has decided to re-record these with help of some of the world’s best hard rock singers.
All of them are all-time-favorites that have been written or at least co-written by Herman. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” or “Dynamite”, “Make it Real” or “Animal Magnetism” – all the songs in the new versions are catching the listener on the spot.

HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS - Herman's Scorpions Songs (2014) booklet

Indeed, I am quite surprised about the quality of this recording.
Rarebell and his friends musically sound pretty hard rockin’ here. The songs / production still retain the melody, but are delivered in full fire. Of course, everything is really polished, in best Scorpions tradition.
All are really enjoyable, as the pumping version of “Loving You Sunday Morning” with a great performance by Michael Voss, a killer, modernized take on “Dynamite” with Johnny Gioeli shining all over, or the meaty “Another Piece Of Meat” with Tony Martin in stupendous form.

But my surprise, and one of the highlights, it’s John Parr’s voice on “Passion Rules The Game”. Known for his melodic pipes, Parr sings his heart out here in a rocking, hot, raspy performance. Awesome version.
Then there’s a new track; “Let It Shine”, featuring the young Al Crespo from rockers Unbreakable, which very good debut was presented here some weeks ago.

HERMAN RAREBELL & FRIENDS - Herman's Scorpions Songs (2014) back

Herman ‘Ze’ German took me by surprise; I wasn’t expecting such a quality recording as he has delivered with “Herman’s Scorpions Songs”.
You need good songs, of course (and here’s aplenty), but you need to glue the singers with them, make the band sound tight, and most importantly, you need a big production to make this songs justice.
You’ll find all that here, and more. “Herman’s Scorpions Songs” sounds Grand, electrifying, kick ass…
Buy it with your eyes closed; this baby ROCKS.

01. Rock You Like A Hurricane – Bobby Kimball (Toto)
02. Passion Rules The Game – John Parr
03. Loving You Sunday Morning – Michael Voss (Mad Max)
04. Is There Anybody There? – Alex Ligertwood (Santana)
05. You Give Me All I Need – Don Dokken (Dokken)
06. Make It Real – Doogie White (Rainbow, Michael Schenker)
07. Dynamite – Johnny Gioeli (Axel Rudi Pell)
08. Arizona – Thomas Perry
09. Love Is Blind – Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot)
10. Don’t Make No Promises – Jack Russell (Great White)
11. Falling In Love – Gary Barden (Michael Schenker Group)
12. Another Piece Of Meat – Tony Martin (Black Sabbath)
13. Animal Magnetism – Michael Nagy
14. Let It Shine – Al Crespo (Unbreakable)

Herman Rarebell – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Michael Voss – guitar, bass
Chris Hasler – guitar
Dario Seixas, Arno Baum, J. A. Rodriguez – bass


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