DALTON – Pit Stop [Japanese Edition +2] (2014)

DALTON - Pit Stop [Japanese Edition] (2014) full


Another great release that came out this year is without a doubt the return of DALTON.
After many years of wait, Swedish AOR / Melodic Rock favorites Dalton – who along with Europe and Treat made some mighty fine noise back in the ’80s – are back with new album of new material called “Pit Stop“.
Formed by ex-Treat drummer Mats Dahlberg, Dalton got back together in a ‘Steps – Reunion’ style show for TV. The end result was a lot of fun for everyone involved and as a result we have this brand new album from the band.

With songs such as ‘Ready Or Not’ and ‘Hey You’ the Dalton sound is kickin’ as if they never been away, in fact the band feels so alive and hungry for the rock!
The parptastic ‘Hey You’ is clearly a first single contender. It is songs such as ‘Don’t Tell Me Lies’ and ‘Follow Your Dreams’ which highlights that while many bands simply ‘make it’, you still need the good songs to back it up and with “Pit Stop”, Dalton certainly have some great ones to back them up.

DALTON - Pit Stop [Japanese Edition] (2014) booklet

The a-cappella intro to ‘Up & Down’ reminds me about what I love most about Euro Melodic Rock, which with the multi-layered / keyboard-driven chorus is a future classic, but having said that the rest of the album is certainly no filler fodder either.
‘Bad Love’ is another classic tune with a slinky groove that has the hallmarks of being a future ear worm – thanks for this prime music guys…

DALTON - Pit Stop [Japanese Edition] (2014) back cover

Dalton is back at full force: “Pit Stop” delivers superb songs of pure heavenly Scandi Melodic Rock / AOR.
This Japanese edition features 2 bonus tracks that worth the invest; the mid-tempo AOR of “Beautiful” plenty of indeed beautiful melodies with an ’80s magic, and an organic acoustic version of “Follow Your Dreams” with greatly arranged harmony vocals.


01 – Ready Or Not
02 – Hey You
03 – Don’t Tell Me Lies
04 – Follow Your Dreams
05 – Up & Down
06 – Bad Love
07 – One Voice
08 – Here We Are
09 – Something for the Pain
10 – 50/50
11 – TGIF
12 – Beautiful (Japan Bonus Track)
13 – Follow Your Dreams [Acoustic] (Japan Bonus Track)

Mats Dahlberg
Ola Lindström
Bosse Lindmark
Anders Lindmark
Leif Westfahl


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