WICKED SENSATION – Adrenaline Rush (2014)

WICKED SENSATION - Adrenaline Rush (2014) full


WICKED SENSATION is one of the best Melodic Hard Rock acts emerged from Germany in the last fifteen years, but sadly, cursed by endless troubles tearing them apart for major success. Despite the rocky road, mastermind / guitarist Michael Klein does not surrender to adversity and Wicked Sensation is back with their fourth album “Adrenaline Rush” released on AOR Heaven Records.

Once again, while starting the “Adrenaline Rush” recording with guru Dennis Ward behind the desk, the band was forced to find a temporary replacement to fill for original vocalist Robert Soeterboek (also in Star One). In fact their talented singer was unfortunately diagnosed with a cyst on his vocal cords with surgery (plus accordingly many months of recovery) as only valid option.
Wicked Sensation had to find the right vocalist with the skills and most of all, the same passion. The right mandatory spirit in order to perform the new songs that Klein & Soeterboek had already written.

Well, they found ‘some guys’ to help: at charge of the lead vocals there’s no other than American veteran David Reece (Bangalore Choir, Tango Down), the best substitute for duplicate Robert Soeterboek’s hailing and soulful thick voice.

There’s also Jan Knopf (Ocean Bed) for the track “Blue Painted Sky” to provide more variation, and the mighty Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) in the backing vocal harmonies.
As result, Wicked Sensation have released an album jam packed with melodic greatness – great songs, catchy choruses, melodic hooks and excellent production.

Opening track “King of The World” is a big statement of intent and from there on, in the album’s eleven tracks you can’t find a weak moment.
Reece’s vocals have echoes of classic British hard rock era, recalling Coverdale’s Whitesnake on many tracks, like in the groovy “Leave Me Like a Fool”, while “Angel in Black” has more prominent keyboards and a style close to House Of Lords.
The highly melodic (and little AORish) “Living On My Memories” is among my favorites, and the big, bruising “No More Lies” featuring an outstanding guitar solo is another highlights.
Wicked Sensation, allegedly named after the debut Lynch Mob album, work extremely well together and there is a stunning blend of keyboards and guitars on the killer mid-tempo “Desperate Nation”.

WICKED SENSATION - Adrenaline Rush (2014) inside

Certainly, Wicked Sensation’s “Adrenaline Rush” deserves to appear in many ‘best of’ lists of 2014. It’s a complete Melodic Hard Rock album, with AOR touches and more muscular, edgy moments.
This is all balanced by catchy hooks and a never ending groove, helped by the stupendous production by by Dennis Ward.
If you like Bangalore Choir, Tango Down, House Of Lords, Badlands (who doesn’t!) and classic British Hard Rock, you should purchase “Adrenaline Rush” blindly.
Yes, it’s that good.

01. King Of The World
02. Same Old Situation
03. Misery
04. Leave Me Like A Fool
05. Blue Painted Sky
06. Angel In Black
07. Living On My Madness
08. Desperate Nation
09. Adrenaline Rush
10. No More Lies
11. This Time

David Reece – Lead Vocals
Jan Knopf – Lead Vocals on 5
Michael Klein – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sang Vong – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Bernd Spitzner – Keyboards
Martin Mannhardt – Bass
Dirk Bruinenberg – Drums
Dennis Ward – Backing Vocals, Producer
Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) – Harmony / Backing Vocals
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Mathias Dieth (Sinner) – Guitar


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