VINCE O’REGAN – Temptation (2014)

VINCE O'REGAN - Temptation (2014) full


Finally the time for a solo album has arrived for underrated guitarist VINCE O’REGAN, called “Temptation” and released through Z Records.
O’Regan is currently in Legion with singer Phil Vincent, but the man has a terrific pedigree. He was the co-founder of melodic rock cult group Pulse and has been previously involved in bands such as Kooga (another cult AOR outift) and acclaimed Irish rockers No Sweat. Vince’s big break came in the year 2000 when he was inducted into Magnum vocalist Bob Catley’s band for the co-headlining tour with Ten.

For “Temptation”, Vince O’Regan called ‘some singers’ to provide the vocals on his truly well crafted melodic rock songs here. No other than Paul Sabu, of course Bob Catley and Phil Vincent, talented young Nick Workman (Vega), ex partner in Pulse Simon Abbotts, and the great Rick Chase (Mama’s Boys, Graffiti and also singer for O’Regan’s stupendous project Alibi).
On the musical front we see the other Legion’s Gav Cooper on bass, Irvin Parratt (Lost Weekend) on keyboards, Andy Pierce on drums, and master Eric Ragno, who lends his usual fluent keyboard skill to a couple of tracks.

So does those involved promise what you think? The answer is a outstanding yes.
“Temptation” is classic British melodic hard rock, with pumping guitar chords and powerful rhythms, rounded off with great lead vocals and strong songwriting.
From the opener and title track “Temptation”, you know O’Regan has put together the right band for this album. With Catley laying down his unmistakable tones, this hard edged rocker is the perfect opening barrage, which takes us back to Catley’s solo albums where the pair produced some great tunes.
Next up to the mic is the legend that is Paul Sabu, who delivers it in spades on the solid “Something To Believe In”, with O’Regan at his riff-building best, along with Ragno who really makes those black and whites sing.
Then it’s time for Simon Abbots to make his mark on the album with the more melodic inclined “Woman”. This time the driving licks are left behind for a more soaring guitar sound. The melodic rock vibe continues with “Restless Heart”, the second of the tracks featuring Catley on vocals, another rocker showcasing some wonderful melodic guitar work that really drives the cut throughout.

The tempo is picked up once more as Vega’s Workman and O’Regan unleash the hard rock again with “Crash and Burn”, before the Legion combination of Vincent and O’Regan bring a touch of class with the thumping “Slave To The System”.
The second track featuring Paul Sabu is “Heroes In The Night”, another hard affair as O’Regan brings in the six string heat, while Ragno delivers some great keyboard flurries that compliment the riffs superbly.

VINCE O'REGAN - Temptation (2014) back cover/

The partnership of Workman and O’Regan shines bright on the stunning “Neon Lights”. This is one of my favourite tracks off the album, with an epic feel about it with its Middle Eastern tones. A real delight.
It’s back the more traditional hard rock for the excellent “Time Stands Still” upon which the Legionnaires join forces once more with Vincent leading the vocal charge, although it’s O’Regan’s guitars that really bring this one home, as a semi-acoustic guitar is mixed with the big riffing electrics to great effect.
The album closes with “Fire In The Sky”. Now it’s Rick Chase who delivers the goods and rounds off what is a great album from one of the most underrated British guitarists around.

“Temptation” was a a long awaited solo project for Vince O’Regan, and you can hear he took the time to polish this material and selected the best songs for his debut. If your going do a project like this, then do it right, and O’Regan has done just that.
The songs are crossing the borders between edgy melodic rock and classic hard rock, with melody as a rule and some pumping groove all over. The band and the vocalists all deliver strong performances, backed by a powerful and bright production.
Very Recommended.

01 – Temptation
02 – Something to Believe In
03 – Woman
04 – Restless Heart
05 – Crash and Burn
06 – Slave to the System
07 – Heroes in the Night
08 – Neon Liights
09 – Time Stands Still
10 – Fire in the Sky

Vince O’Regan – guitars
Gav Cooper (Legion) – bass
Andy Pierce – drums
Irvin Parratt (Lost Weekend) – keyboards
Eric Ragno – keyboards
Bob Catley (Magnum)
Paul Sabu
Simon Abbotts (Pulse)
Nick Workman (Vega)
Phil Vincent (Legion)
Rick Chase (Mama’s Boys)


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