STEPHEN CHESNEY feat. ROBERT MASON – Annuit Coeptis (2014)

STEPHEN CHESNEY feat. ROBERT MASON - Annuit Coeptis (2014) full


Electric guitar wiz STEPHEN CHESNEY has joined forces with singer ROBERT MASON (Warrant, Lynch Mob) for a new Melodic Hard Rock project, and “Annuit Coeptis” is their debut EP featuring the fruits of the first writing & recording sessions.

Born in UK but established in California long time ago, Stephen Chesney has been working with many artists from the genre as songwriter, producer or session man, including Liberty N’ Justice, Frontiers, The Flash, etc., also teaching in clinics for the prestigious Seymour Duncan guitar pickups.
Now Stephen wanted his own Melodic Hard Rock, and “Annuit Coeptis” is a delicious advanced EP for greater things to come.
On these 3 tracks we have killer, groovy, melodic and catchy songs in the typical tradition of the genre, with Robert Mason’s vocals fitting these tunes like a glove.

Engineered by Guns N’ Roses & Santana desk-man Rob Beaton, Chesney / Mason bring along a cast of musicians from across the musical spectrum.
“Bleed” features drummer Chris Frazier (Foreigner / Whitesnake / Steve Vai) and Perry Richardson (Firehouse) on bass along side them, while “Devils Daughter” and “Breaking Down” feature drummer Scot Coogan (Ace Frehley / Bride of Destruction) bassist Koko Powell (Edgar Winter) pianist Rob Bloise and a horns section of Jim Wheeler (Slash / Loggins & Messina) and Mitch Manker (Ray Charles).
“Annuit Coeptis” is very, very recommended to your rockin’ yet melodious ears.

1 – Devil’s Daughter (feat. Robert Mason)
2 – Breaking Down (feat. Robert Mason)
3 – Bleed (feat. Robert Mason)

Robert Mason – vocals
Stephen Chesney – guitars
Chris Frazier, Scot Coogan – drums
Perry Richardson, Koko Powell – bass
Rob Bloise – keyboards


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