NICKELBACK – No Fixed Address (2014)

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No Fixed Address” is the name for the long delayed 8th studio album from Canadians NICKELBACK to be released next November 18. We already presented here on the blog Nickelback’s previous album because we heard some evolution to more elaborated songs, true rock songs, and quite good songs if you ask me.
Well, this new CD continues this path, even more, seems Nickelback are looking for some recognition as band / musicians and not just cheesy radio-rock hit makers.

There’s more with this new album “No Fixed Address”: seems Nickelback are trying to avoid popularity on purpose.
On Sept. 11 the Vancouver group uploaded their newest single to YouTube and frankly, very few pople cared. Though the band has more than 19 million likes on its Facebook page, approximately just 381,000 of those fans have bothered to listen to “What Are You Waiting For?” over the last two weeks.
That probably looks like a lot of ears, but it’s not. At least when you’re Nickelback.
Search any number of combinations online (band plus new song, band plus new album, etc.) and there are scant few results, particularly for “What Are You Waiting For?.”
I never got any press release, nor did the colleagues whom I asked, and that seems to be the case across the board judging by the almost total absence of media outlets mentioning the song and the upcoming CD.

The other factor, of course, is the music.
Nickelback’s sound has changed for good. They completely shed their earlier Nirvana-esque influences, the songs are not cheesy and radio obsessed like before, the production is more real and not ‘plastic’, and fundamentally, there’s good rocking tracks in “No Fixed Address”.
There’s muscular riffs in “Million Miles An Hour” or “Get Em Up”, and they are trying some elaborated rock&pop on cuts like “She Keeps Me Up”, somehow akin Rick Springfield.

NICKELBACK - No Fixed Address (2014) back

Yes, lots of people snark about Nickelback and actively hate their music, but the band sounds and have a more serious musical approach now.
People need to constantly be reminded that Nickelback is a rock band. With their poppy chart intentions, yes, but not bad at all.
You like it or not, but “No Fixed Address” worth a listening chance.

01. Million Miles An Hour
02. Edge Of A Revolution
03. What Are You Waiting For?
04. She Keeps Me Up
05. Make Me Believe Again
06. Miss You
07. Get ‘Em Up
08. The Hammer’s Coming Down
09. Satellite
10. Sister Sin
11. She’s Got Me Runnin’ ‘Round

Chad Kroeger – lead vocals, lead guitar
Ryan Peake – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Mike Kroeger – bass guitar, backing vocals
Daniel Adair – drums, backing vocals


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