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Straight out of the London grind, new quartet DIRTY THRILLS is the band of singer Louis James, the son of ex- Moody Blues singer Nicky James. But this does not supposed a major label back up, Dirty Thrills are releasing their self-titled debut by themselves and making a strong fan base playing the UK clubs circuit.

The name of this band pretty much sums everything up itself. It practically goes hand-in-hand with the music, as this is thrilling classic rock with a dirty rock n’ roll attitude fitting of a dessert road biker bar. But despite the approach, the sound of the band is pretty clean and polished.
Faintly tipping their caps to past rock masters, Dirty Thrills have skewed their sounds into something fresh, original and youthful. Calling upon the fervour of Led Zeppelin or Thin Lizzy, the guys add a strong Bad Company bluesy touch to the songs.

DIRTY THRILLS - Dirty Thrills (2014) inside

Born in late 2012 by four brothers in arms, the quartet instantly bonded, all sharing a mutual passion for edgy rock ‘n’ roll. Their connection rings loud and clear at every song where you’ll witness the powerfully vibrant vocal talents of Louis James (reminiscent of Davey Pattison of Gamma, Robin Trower), coupled with strong guitar riffs from Jack Fawdry, all aided and abetted by the solid, low-end rhythmic backbone of Jamie Hopkins and Stevo Corrigan.
Together, they unleash a colossal sound that pitches ballsy rock ‘n’ roll with classic bluesy hard rock.
Some of the track titles describe things quite straight: “Burning Bridges”, “Rock N Roll” or “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”, all are rockers to the bone.
One of my favorite cuts is the moving “Reign”, with drums pounding from the outset, guitars and bass combining into a wall of sound before the rapid vocals so easily delivered at a breath-taking pace, showing just how tight the band is.

“Resume Regret” is full of edgy riffs, a more modern tune and one of the most melodic with lead and backing vocals sounding on top form and crowned by a classic solo.
Dirty Thrills only slow thing down on “Is This Home” which really brings to the fore just how talented the band are, being able to strip back to a more gentle ballad before erupting into a crescendo of sound.
Another highlight arrives with “The Man Who Lost His Way”, one of the catchiest songs on the CD with a broken riff inviting to some serious foot-tapping.
Moving onto “Follow Me Home”, the powerful vocals, tight rhythm and dirty guitars sound amazingly ‘live’, as this is a song that is just made for this, to be played at full volume on stage. “Sigh” is the final track, starting more slowly before switching tempo to full on rock.

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Dirty Thrills are generating a lot of interest in the British club circuit due to their unique sound and going on their electrifying performance on their debut CD, it is not going to be long before they are playing at far bigger venues.
Yes it’s time for a Classic Rock revival, but I think Dirty Thrills are much more fresh and original than many other bands in the same trend right now.
Currently unsigned… it’s probably a safe bet that Dirty Thrills will get picked up before the year is out… such quality simply speaks for itself.
In the mean time, grab a glass, pour some whiskey, sit back and enjoy. Let’s all grow young together.

01 – No Resolve
02 – Burning Bridges
03 – Rock N Roll
04 – Resume Regret
05 – Is This Home
06 – Reign
07 – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
08 – The Man Who Lost His Way
09 – Follow Me Home
10 – Sigh

Louis James (Lead Vocals)
Jack Fawdry (Guitar)
Aaron Plows (Bass)
Steve Corrigan (Drums)


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