CRASH MIDNIGHT – Lost In The City (2014)

CRASH MIDNIGHT - Lost In The City (2014) full


I think the best way to describe Boston rockers CRASH MIDNIGHT and their debut CD “Lost In The City” released today, November 18th, is classic rock meets ’80s US hard rock.
These young hard rockers bring tons of energy to the table and while they are not reinventing the wheel or cultivating a new species of metal, they do a great job of crafting spicy and memorable songs.

There are plenty of songs to groove and rock along to on “Lost In The City”. Singer Shaun Solo has a well trained classic rock voice inspired by the greats, while the ’70s guitar tone remembers the early days of another Boston band that goes by the name of Aerosmith.
Alongside the rock steady bass and drums keeping the driving rhythm section pounding with force, the strong guitar solos complement the songs very well and harken back to a time before the axe became a weapon of flash and no slash.

A couple aspects more that a great hard / classic rock band needs are a good set of riffs and catchy choruses and Crash Midnight provides aplenty.

Take a pick of “151”, the band’s hometown anthem “Welcome To Boston”, the wild west rodeo in “Long As It’s Free” or the dirty “Diamond Boulevard”. “City Girl” brings to mind Steven Tyler & Co. when they used to rock hard, while on the kickin’ “Made for the Money” I hear some early Guns N’ Roses.
One of the most infectious is “Nowhere To Go”; this cooker comes in with a catchy riff with a strong verse line followed by a great chorus. An erupting solo adds in some zest and all in all makes for a grade A rock song.
“Somewhat Yesterday” starts off and you immediately close your eyes, it’s the album ballad, an acoustically filled melodic tune with a beautiful southern flavor.
The bluesy uptempo groove of “Take It” has something in common with Great White, then “You’re the Only One” ends the record with lots of swagger.

CRASH MIDNIGHT - Lost In The City (2014) inside

Crash Midnight, Boston’s newest contribution to the rock and roll world, is demanding attention. In this pop saturated music industry, Crash Midnight delivers howling vocals, screaming guitars and hard hitting drums that pays homage to the greats but with their own spin.
I don’t quite want to say that this band could be the Aerosmith for the next generation, but they are certainly capable of leaving their own footprint in the hard rock realm. They have the chops and the ability to do so and they have the opportunity to prove that with “Lost In The City”.
Strongly Recommended.

01 – 151
02 – City Girl
03 – Diamond Boulevard
04 – Goin’ Down the Drain
05 – Long As It’s Free
06 – Made for the Money
07 – Nowhere to Go
08 – Outta Control
09 – Somewhere Yesterday
10 – Take It
11 – Welcome to Boston
12 – You’re the Only One

Shaun Soho – lead vocals
Alex Donaldson – guitars
Todd Friedman – guitars
Bo – bass
Andrew Merkle – drums


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