SUPERSTITIOUS – Ride On The Stars (2014)

SUPERSTITIOUS - Ride On The Stars (2014) full


A couple of years ago we received the self-titled debut of a new AOR / Melodic Rock Brazilian band called SUPERSTITIOUS. The songs were pretty good but sadly production really amateur, in demo fashion. So as 70% of the material arriving to our desk, it was discarded to be featured here on the blog. We only select for you bands / albums that we consider, at least, worth to investigate.
Well, SUPERSTITIOUS returns, this time with second offer “Ride On The Stars“, and now the guys really deserve a listen.

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Superstitious were formed in 2007 when the local scene had very few acts playing this musical genre. The band performed at every club that gave to them opportunity to show their music. They recorded several demos and presented their debut, which were in fact, demos.
But now Superstitious has seriously evolved: not only the songwriting and performances are stronger, now they have properly recorded their music, with a pretty good sound & production for an indie.

SUPERSTITIOUS - Ride On The Stars (2014) inside

Superstitious loves classic ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR, and this is what you get on “Ride On The Stars”.
Lots of keyboards, sharp guitar riffs, steady rhythm section and a singer with a nice vocal register at the service of really melodic tunes.
There’s a distinctive aspect in Superstitious, typical of new, indie groups: all are musicians playing from the heart. They love this genre and you can tell listening “Ride On The Stars”.
And all have the ‘feel’ for this type of music, resulting in their songs coming out fresh and with passion.

AOR numbers like “Sometimes You Cry” (great chorus), “Goodbye”, the midtempo “Phoenix” or the ultra-melodic “Freedom Cry” are mixed with melodic rockers such as “The End Of The Age”, “Black Cat Heart” and the catchy “My Lady”.
Other cuts are harder, like “War Memories” and “Have You Ever” providing a Melodic Hard Rock touch to the album.

“Ride On The Stars” is a giant step for Superstitious, a band with passion for classic ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR.
As said, the guys compose pretty good, strong songs plenty of cool melodies and hooks. I think they need an opportunity in Europe, with a proper producer they could aim for bigger things.

01 – Ride On The Stars
02 – Sometimes You Cry
03 – The End Of The Age
04 – Goodbye
05 – Phoenix
06 – Naughty Dancing
07 – Black Cat Heart
08 – Freedom Cry
09 – Errors Of My Way
10 – Have You Ever
11 – My Lady
12 – Obsession
13 – War Memories

Luis Wasques (vocals)
Rodrigo Cordeiro (guitar)
Daniel Mattos (bass, vocals)
Flávio Gasperini (drums)
Lael Campos (keyboards)


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