SILVER (Michael Voss) – Idolizer (2014)

SILVER (Michael Voss) - Idolizer (2014) full


SILVER is another band from the multifaceted Michael Voss (Mad Max, Wolfpakk, Demon Drive, Casanova, Michael Schenker) who released 5 very good albums during the 2000’s. After almost nine years of silence Voss has resurrected the moniker and presenting the new CD “Idolizer“.

On the original incarnation of Silver there were the legendary vocals of Gary Barden and the collaboration of Swedish AOR guru Tommy Denander. This new “Idolizer” sees Michael Voss as an omnipresent figure, as he handles all the instruments and lead vocals.
Silver is the vehicle for Voss’ more mature Melodic Rock vein in the European style, with delicate harmonies and elaborated melodies. There’s contributions of female vocalists Lisa Middelhauve (ex-Xandria) and Michaela Schober, each on different songs to add even more nuances to the velvety vocals arrangements.

As said the material is Melodic Rock, rich in melodies and easy to the ears, mostly developed in midtempo structure, sometimes bordering AOR.
Opener “Sarah” is a good example of this, with an early ’90s feel recalling Casanova, the great band leaded by Voss and one of my favorites from the German scene.
Also the pumping “Trust Me”, the sweet “Drag Us Down”, “You Gave It Away” and my favorite “Rooms” (a highlight) are rhythmically catchy and contagious. But there remain some straight ahead, out and out rockers on here, such as the urgent “Hope” or the more groovy “Wave”.
On the feel-good midtempo “Counting” Voss adds acoustics to the mix to provide more variation, and it’s another of my picks from the CD.

SILVER (Michael Voss) - Idolizer (2014) inside cover

If you already enjoyed Silver’s previous offerings, this one will not be the exception. However, while in the other albums from the band there were some modern production tricks and effects, “Idolizer” is much more straight Melodic Rock.
This new version of Silver is basically Michael Voss’ solo exploring his melodious side, akin his Melodic Rock days with Casanova. Everything is extremely polished and of course, production is crisp, shining I’d say.

Lovers of late ’80s / early ’90s Euro sounds from the genre in the vein of Casanova, Last Autumn’s Dream, Khymera, etc. will embrace “Idolizer” with open arms.
Very Recommended.

01. Sarah
02. She Said
03. Trust Me
04. Hope
05. Drag Us Down
06. You Gave It Away
07. Wave
08. Rooms
09. Counting
10. And If You’re Leaving

Michael Voss – vocals, all instruments
Andi Broon – additional keyboards
Special Guests:
Lisa Middelhauve (ex-Xandria) – vocals
Michaela Schober – vocals


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