RED CIRCUIT – Haze Of Nemesis [special edition + bonus] (2014)

RED CIRCUIT - Haze Of Nemesis [special edition + bonus] (2014) full


Having a great respect for vocalist Chitral Somapala and his previous work in acts such as Civilization One, Firewind and specially Avalon, I was immediately intrigued to check the new album from his own project RED CIRCUIT, a CD entitled “Haze Of Nemesis“.
Not to mention their keyboardist and programmer Markus Teske boasts work with such greats as Symphony X and Vanden Plas. A nice mix of a Power(ful) and Progressive backgrounds, as the album cover promises.

Well, the Melodic Prog Metal it really shows through in the material – but I was pleasantly surprised to discover even more accessible sounds here.
The overall drive of the album is definitely much more geared towards the hard rock / melodic metal oriented feel of Somapala’s better known former project Avalon, which was noted for musically catering to his ’80s roots.
It’s a pretty heavy listen throughout, based largely around a chunky, groove-laden set of riffs and epic vocals, but all really, really melodic.

RED CIRCUIT - Haze Of Nemesis [special edition + bonus] (2014) cd photo

Red Circuit are quite the peculiar act; whilst none of their tracks are flat-out amazing, they’re all very good and best of all they stay consistent throughout the entire album.
The guitars, the fantastic keyboard parts and of course, the awesome lead vocals are top notch, arranged to the minimum detail. Production is brilliant, potent and very modern, yet, Red Circuit leaves space for traditional Prog instruments like the Mellotron.
All players at work here are highly competent, yet also know the value of restraint. This is particularly the case of guitarist Christian Moser, who keeps the riffs solid and simple, and executes a solo with the flash of Zakk Wylde and the brevity of Ritchie Sambora.

The drumming and bass work is solidly linked together and straightforward, while the keyboard work takes on an occasional role and mostly fills in a few rest periods of mellowness amongst the heavier sections or to expand the dimensions of the overall sound.
All these sonics, when matched against the powerful reinterpretation of Ronnie Dio meets Peter Byford that Somapala has consistently exhibited amidst an array of different sounding bands, the result is very cohesive and fairly original.

RED CIRCUIT - Haze Of Nemesis [special edition + bonus] (2014) back cover

“Haze Of Nemesis” is a very good record with moments of brilliance, blending ’80s melodic metal & hard rock with a sprinkling of progressive touches. More of the first indeed, and really melodic all time.
You have Amanda Somerville in a duet during the epic ballad “My World Collides”, and this special edition features as bonus a fine cover of Deep Purple’s classic “Soldier Of Fortune”.
If you enjoyed the recent Allen-Lande record, this is for you.
Quite Recommended.

01. Oceans Apart
02. My Lonely Heaven
03. Believing A Lie
04. Digging In The Dirt
05. Worlds Will Collide (feat. Amanda Somerville)
06. Spear Of Fate
07. Serpents Smile
08. Silent Roaring
09. Haze Of Nemesis
10. My Serenade
11. Soldier Of Fortune [bonus track]

Chity Somapala – Vocals
Christian Moser – Guitars
Thomas Schmitt – Bass
Markus Teske – Keyboards, Programming
Michael Stein – Drums
Amanda Somerville – guest Vocals


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