MAINSTREET – Second Chance (2014)

MAINSTREET - Second Chance (2014) full


Perhaps it’s MAINSTREET first album title what best define their musical style: ‘Back to the ’80s’. I think you do not need too much more, these Italians play Melodic Hard Rock inspired by the golden decade.
But debut appeared five years ago, and now MainStreet are asking for a “Second Chance“, their new CD.

Seems the guys like to be pretty descriptive with their album’s titles… “Second Chance” is indeed a new hope for MainStreet to be more known in the international Melodic Hard Rock scene.
Their music is catchy: feel-good tunes with a foot firmly put in the late ’80s, especially the American scene.
But the guys as well try a pinch of modernity in the updated production, and also adding some sophisticated orchestral textures on a couple of songs.

MAINSTREET - Second Chance (2014) inside

There’s good rockers in the keyboard-infused “Short Steps” (a winner), “Mark & Johnny” (with some Danger Danger on it) and the quasi-epic “What to Believe In?”.
However, the disc is dominated by Melodic Rock tunes mostly in a mid-tempo pace as the effective “No Way”, the title track or the bass pumped, AORish “Last Day”, another favorite of mine.
“Empty Eyes” is a slow number with a very nice orchestration (flirting with AOR again), while “Love Can Hurt You so Strong” is ‘the’ ballad of the album, embellished with nice pianos.

MainStreet are much better than I expected. Their strength is a solid songwriting and wise arrangements, always polished and faithful to the tradition of the genre.
That is classic Melodic Rock with a touch of AOR / hard here and there. Production is good for an indie and the guys are fine players.
For a taste of traditional Melodic Rock, “Second Chance” is a succulent dish. Well done guys.
Quite Recommended.

01 – Short Steps
02 – No Way
03 – Empty Eyes
04 – Mark & Johnny
05 – Love Can Hurt You so Strong
06 – Second Chance
07 – Its Name Is…
08 – Last Day
09 – What to Believe in?
10 – Prayer

Andrea Delsignore – Vocals
Ivan Garbuio – Guitars
Mauro Guarnieri – Guitars
Antonello Colamonaco – Bass
Ivan Belloni – Drums
Pietro Venezia – Keyboards, Orchestra Direction


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