PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN, the powerhouse trio that is dUg Pinnick (King’s X, KXM, Supershine) on bass / vocals, Eric Gales (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill) on guitar / vocals and drummer Thomas Pridgen (ex-The Mars Volta, Suicidal Tendencies) are back with their simply titled sophomore effort, “PGP 2“, released yesterday, July 8.
This hot and heavy handed bluesy record is filled with 12 hard hitting tracks that pick up where their debut record left off and this 2nd disc is even a bit heavier!

The righteous vocals of Mr. Pinnick haven’t been better and when combined with Eric Gales’ smooth vocal stylings, their harmony vocals are just spot on. “PGP 2” continues the tradition of the lead vocals being split up between the two of them on different songs, but it’s when they sing together that the magic happens.
Check out the track, “Have You Cried?” with the amazing vocal harmony that opens the track. Part Blues, part Soul, part Gospel, damn can these guys just wail! These vocals lead into a heavy grinding, bluesy songs where the vocal harmonies continue in the chorus and then Gales gets the spotlight to do his notorious neck wrangling of a guitar solo and outro.

Again I ask the masses, how in the world is Eric Gales NOT a household known, bonafide Guitar God?
Gales slams it hard on each and every track, as if his life depended on it and the intro wailing that he does on so many tracks on this record is just simply awe-inspiring.
Eric Gales is the Real Deal, people!

PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN - PGP 2 (2014) back cover

This trio will obviously garner the comparison to other great trio’s of the past like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream and Stevie Ray Vaughan, with each of these bands being guitar driven bands and PGP are, as well, but there is a difference.
PGP do manage to combine all of those types of artists but also don’t sound anything like them.
Thomas Pridgen brings his heavy Prog groove drumming to the table and combined with the down right soul and funkiness of Pinnick and the straight up hard rockin’ blues virtuosity of Gales is what sets this band apart from their modern day compadres.
Stand out tracks like the groovin’ “Build It Back Up”, the chaotic “Psychofunkadelic Blues” and the nasty riffed and Gales voiced “The Past Is The Past” are just a few of the heavy bluesy gems on this record.

If you are a fan of Hard Rockin’ Blues delivered with an attitude, superb musicianship, killer vocals and out of this world guitar playing, then you NEED to check out this 2nd effort from Pinnick Gales Pridgen.
You will not be able to stop listening to “PGP 2”, as well as finding yourself doing massive amounts of Air Guitar to every track. This record is just downright nasty, so go get yourself some!


01 – Every Step Of The Way
02 – It’s Not My Time To Die
03 – Psychofunkadelic Blues
04 – Watchman
05 – Have You Cried?
06 – Like You Used To Do
07 – Build It Back Up
08 – The Past Is The Past
09 – LaDonna
10 – I Ain’t Got No Money
11 – Down To The Bone
12 – Jambiance

dUg Pinnick – bass / vocals
Eric Gales – guitar / vocals
Thomas Pridgen – drums, percussion



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