LARS ERIC MATTSSON – Hot And Able 1983-85 (2014)

LARS ERIC MATTSSON - Hot And Able 1983-85 (2014) full


Swedish guitar virtuoso LARS ERIC MATTSSON has amassed a solid reputation as solo artist and with bands like Condition Red and Vision or working with the likes of Derek Sherinian, Alex Masi, Mark Boals an more. Recently, going through his catalogue he found a lot of stuff from the very beginning of his career, and felt some of those early compositions definitely should be heard.
Hot and Able” is features 16 songs never officially released written by Lars for his first serious band called Joe Cool between 1983-85, now re-arranged and recorded according to modern times.

These songs represent Lars’ first serious compositions made for and originally performed by his band at the time, ‘Joe Cool’ which originally featured a female singer, later a male one when the band started adaping a more straight ahead hard rock style.
A few minor updates to the lyrics and music were made during the recording but mostly this is what they were like originally.

And what we have here from a young Lars Eric Mattsson’s pen? ; Traditional Hard Rock from the first half of the ’80s with a sound & style inspired by both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
You can hear song structures and appealing arrangements in the vein of Rainbow’s Joe Lynn Turner / Graham Bonnet era (Lars voice recalls Bonnet on many cuts as well) and the first two albums of Yngwie Malmsteen with Jeff Scott Soto.
Also, of course, Alcatrazz’s No Parole From Rock ‘N Roll album.

LARS ERIC MATTSSON - Hot And Able 1983-85 (2014) inside

There’s a lot of tracks to enjoy here, ranging straight rockers like title track “Hot and Able” to more refined and melodic numbers such as “The Dream Has Gone”. We find a bluesy hard rock line on “Left Out In The Cold”, and a remarkable guitar / keyboard interaction on “Do not Think It’s Love”.
The Purple influences are not too far away on “Run Tonight” with it’s odd meter mid riff section, while “Stranger in Your Own Land” is a classic early 80-ies track with some neoclassical touches.

All is meticulously arranged, performed and recorded by Mattsson in his habitual polished style, rich in solid riffs and some hot soloing.
So if you like Classic Hard Rock in the vein of ’80s Rainbow, the very first Yngwie, Alcatrazz, Michael Schenker Group and alike, “Hot And Able” is for you.
Quite Recommended.

01 – Hot and Able
02 – Takes One Fool
03 – Run Tonight
04 – Left Out in the Cold
05 – See the Stars
06 – Scarlet
07 – Don’t Think It’s Love
08 – This Wolf Hunts Alone
09 – Lay Down Your Sword
10 – Rock the Nation
11 – The Dream Has Gone
12 – Don’t Throw Away
13 – Enola Gay
14 – Stranger in Your Own Land
15 – Eyes of a Liar
16 – Out On My Own

Lars Eric Mattsson – All vocals, guitars, bass
Christer Jansson – Drums and percussion
Alexander King – Hammond Organ


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