7th HEAVEN – Spectrum (2014)

7th HEAVEN - Spectrum (2014) full

Chicago poppy melodic rockers 7th HEAVEN are one of the most prolific bands in the world. On their previous CD they included for the first time a regular 12 track running order instead the twenty +plus the band used to offer on prior releases.
Well, 7th Heaven could not resist, and the brand new release from the band “Spectrum” features… 20 original tracks again!

With singer Keith Semple back on the mic (he was replaced in the previous record), I personally feel this is the best 7th heaven CD they have made as a band.
“Spectrum” really showcases the talents of all 5 band members and their contribution to the final product will definitely be heard. Apart from mastermind Richard Hofherr, all the guys have been involved into the songwriting resulting in a varied, yet homogeneous product. Even the very first 7th Heaven, original singer Tony DiGiulio, helped with some of the songs.

7th HEAVEN - Spectrum (2014) inside

“Spectrum” is pure, feel-good poppy melodic rock.
You have here a bright, custom built album for summers, sunshine and beach parties with catchy melodies but strong songwriting and smooth arrangements.
Songs like “Until The Day I Die”, “In The City”, “Are We Up” or the midtempo “We Live Life Young” are extremely melodious, instant radio friendly rock&pop tunes.

But the guys haven’t lost their melodic rock heart and that’s heard in the Def Leppard circa ‘X’ riffs & beats of the contagious “Dance In The Rain”, “Living In Danger”, “Stoplight”, or bouncy “Last Chance” where they remind me Waltham. All ear candy stuff.

“Spectrum” is another shot of wonderfully crafted songs by 7th Heaven. If you’re new to them expect shaky rhythms and sticky choruses professionally written, played and produced.
Talking about the latter, this is the best produced 7th Heaven album ever. Everything sounds neat and the mix & mastering are excellent.
Mixing light melodic rockers with easy to the ear solid rock&pop tunes, “Spectrum” is a fun, extremely enjoyable feel-good summertime disc specially designed for the season which is about to begin…


01 – Stoplight
02 – It’s You
03 – Dance In The Rain
04 – In The City
05 – Living In Danger
06 – Once In A Lifetime
07 – We Live Life Young
08 – Magic
09 – Are We Up
10 – When You Say My Name
11 – Walk Another Mile
12 – Join The Party
13 – I’m Your Addict
14 – Livin Life
15 – Holding My Breath For You
16 – Last Chance
17 – Illusion
18 – Until The Day I Die
19 – Heads Or Tails
20 – Jump Start

Keith Semple – Lead Vocals
Richard Hofherr – Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Nick Cox – Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Mark Kennetz – Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey – Drums



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