DEVIL’S HEAVEN – Heaven On Earth (2014)

DEVIL'S HEAVEN - Heaven On Earth (2014) full


Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, DEVIL’S HEAVEN is a new sextet consisting of accomplished musicians from the Scandinavian scene; bassist Jonas Reingold is also a member of renowned Prog rockers The Flower Kings, and singer Marcus Nygren is the founder of the awesome AORsters State Of Salazar, presented here on this blog two years ago (and with a new album in the making).
After a couple of spins their debut CD “Heaven On Earth” not only has left a solid lasting impression on me, I assure you this recording doesn’t sound like a first release at all.

Indeed, Devil’s Heaven sounds really tight on “Heaven On Earth”, showing the skills of all its members and benefited by a crisp production.
The style of these guys is a slick blend (accurately matching their own description) of ’80s Melodic Rock, ’90s Hard Rock (with a German vibe) and a touch of classic melodic metal on two tracks, all with a contemporary, updated sound.

Lengthy opener “Welcome II The Show” is a study in what Devil’s Heaven is. It’s an uptempo track with a great chorus, raging and clean vocals, heavy guitars and a wonderful keyboard part in the middle of the song. This song shows Marcus Nygren’s vocal versatility, going from raspy to groovy deep tones.
Then “Demerital Action” shows the band’s melodic hard rock side, a track build for the arenas screaming to be played live. With a feeling recalling Bonfire and a touch of early Bon Jovi during the catchy chorus, all the fans (and not) will sing along the lyrics.

What follows is a bunch or really well crafted melodic hard rockers like “Devil Woman” (a highlight) recalling the greats Damned Nation, the catchy Gotthard sounding “Let It All Hang Out” or “Wine Me” akin Shakra, mixed with heavier numbers such as “Riders In The Sky”, a solid melodic metal tune (early Pretty Maids style) with magical keys in the background.
We have two fine ballads in “Touched by An Angel” (ala Alfonzetti) with pianos plus organic instrumentation, and the solid “Cold”, more in the traditional power ballad format, both really well arranged.

To sum up, “Heaven On Earth” is a more than a strong first work from this new Swedish combo Devil’s Heaven who have the skilled musicianship, compositional strength and sense of melody that characterizes their countrymen.
Here you will find beautifully crafted Melodic Hard Rock songs in the traditional style, not directly resembling something older, through a really clear, meticulous production where all instruments sound neat.
Really Recommended.

01 – Welcome II The Show
02 – Demerital Action
03 – Devil Woman
04 – Touched By An Angel
05 – Mean Street City
06 – Day Of Doom
07 – Riders In The Sky
08 – Let It All Hang Out
09 – Festung Europa
10 – Cold
11 – Stillborn
12 – Hot Sex
13 – Wine Me

Marcus Nygren – Vocals
Michael Månsson – Guitars
Jake Sandberg – Guitars
Richard Andersson – Keyboards
Jonas Reingold – Bass
Jaime Salazar – Drums


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