COLDPLAY – Ghost Stories {Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition} (2014)

COLDPLAY - Ghost Stories {Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition} (2014) full


COLDPLAY will have their sixth studio album out the next May 19, entitled “Ghost Stories”. Maybe you’re asking yourself what this band / record is doing here on this blog.
Well, Coldplay is not half bad as many detractors and critics claim. In fact, I like most the music from this pop band.

From the very start, “Ghost Stories” is album unashamed of its sorrow and love. Frontman and vocalist Chris Martin, whose marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow was crumbling during the writing and recording of the album, pours aspects of that experience into nearly all of the nine songs’ lyrics.
‘I think of you, I haven’t slept’ is the opening line of the opening song, “Always In My Head”. Then there’s Oceans – perhaps the album’s most subtly stirring moment, or the touching “Ink”.

COLDPLAY - Ghost Stories {Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition} (2014) back

Musically, if you liked the previous efforts from this band, “Ghost Stories” is right up your alley. Perhaps there’s a bit more sad serenity on the lead vocals, but sonically this is pure Coldplay.
This “Ghost Stories {Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition}” features 3 extra tracks, a must for fans of the band.

01 – Always In My Head
02 – Magic
03 – Ink
04 – True Love
05 – Midnight
06 – Another’s Arms
07 – Oceans
08 – A Sky Full of Stars
09 – O
10 – All Your Friends (Target Exclusive)
11 – Ghost Story (Target Exclusive)
12 – O (Reprise) (Target Exclusive)

Chris Martin – lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
Guy Berryman – bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Jonny Buckland – guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Will Champion – drums, backing vocals


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