BAD RADIATOR – Shanghai (2014)

BAD RADIATOR - Shanghai (2014) full

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Last year we presented exclusively on the blog the debut album by Swedes BAD RADIATOR, and now the guys are back with another fine slice of melodic tunes with their new CD “Shangai”.

If you missed the first album (a highly recommended listen, go HERE), or never heard about Bad Radiator, these experienced musicians were formerly known as Grace, which rose some popularity with the single ‘Ingen Kan Alska Som Vi’ (No One Can Love As Do) used in the Swedish movie of the same name from 1988.

BAD RADIATOR - Shanghai (2014) inside

“Shangai” follows the effective path of debut; short songs adorned with superb melodies, nice hooks, breezy harmonies and quite catchy moments. Bad Radiator is a mixed bag of styles that ranges from the pop brilliance of Cutting Crew or Rick Springfield to the light AOR of Stage Dolls and Spin Gallery, whilst stopping off at Richard Marx for good measure.
As eclectic as that sounds, the end results are nothing short of superb. Just check the enjoyable melodies on rockers such as “Tell Me What You Want”, “My House Is On Fire”, and the pumping “Don’t Need the Money”.
More poppy yet not less catchy we have “What Are We Fighting For”, “The World Is Changing”, “I’ve Had Enough”, but where Bad Radiator shows it ’80s pedigree it’s on the AORish cuts: The Stage Dolls-like “Can’t Let Go”, “Your Love” (akin Street Talk), and great midtempo ballad “Do You Remember”.

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Bad Radiator’s “Shangai” is a mandatory listening for lovers of the lighter side of AOR with a Scandinavian scent. These guys have been around since the late ’80s and on the evidence presented here they’ve used their experience wisely.
Bad Radiator knows how to craft an instant melody, at times light as the thin air, and then balanced by a catchy, pulsating rockin’ vibe. Although to my ears production was much better on the first record, this album is a real pleasure from start to finish.

01 – Tell Me What You Want
02 – Don’t Need the Money
03 – What Are We Fighting For
04 – My House Is On Fire
05 – Don’t Know Which War To Fight
06 – Can’t Let Go
07 – Shanghai
08 – Your Love
09 – The World Is Changing
10 – Do You Remember
11 – Is It Too Late To Say I’m Sorry
12 – I’ve Had Enough

Mikael Lundgren: Vocals, Keyboards
Klas Bergvall: Guitars
Roger Hansson: Drums
Janne Persson Bass


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