THE PECKHAM COWBOYS – 10 Tales From The Gin Palace (2014)

THE PECKHAM COWBOYS - 10 Tales From The Gin Palace (2014) full


THE PECKHAM COWBOYS come from deepest South London, purveying the sort of whisky snorting, hipshaking, harmonica melting, sleazy, greasy, bluesy timeless rock ‘n’ roll on their second album “10 Tales From The Gin Palace“.

Founded by ex- Quireboys Guy Bailey alongside fellow stalwarts of the British rawk n’ roll scene Marc Eden and Dale Hodgkinson, The ‘Cowboys already released one album entitled ‘Flog It’ in 2011. With Bailey no longer involved, the current line-up includes Timo Kaltio (Hanoi Rocks, Izzy Stradlin Band, Cheap & Nasty) on guitar, Duncan McKay (Primal Scream) on horns and keys, Ryan McCormick (Steven Adler Band) on drums, as well as another former Quireboys (and one of the best rock n’ roll bassists in the business) – Nigel Mogg.
If you enjoy listening the very early (London) Quireboys, the Small Faces at their most cockney, or Izzy Stradlin’s rocking stuff (not his reggae detours), then you’ll love The Peckham Cowboys.

But there’s more to this band of Gin Lane than their Quireboys connections both in attitude and music – the likes of “The Debt Collector” and “Don’t Damn The Hypnotist” give the album more depth than your usual whisky soaked rock n’ roll fare and there are some imaginative and interesting twists.
The Peckham have a sound that immediately grabs me by the penny rounds as album opener “Not Guilty!” erupts from the speakers full of bohemian excess. Some might just say ‘oh that’s The Quireboys’, but I would counter that by saying The Quireboys haven’t sounded this dirty since they had Ginger in the band, and that was over a quarter of a century ago.

“Bromley Girls” continues the sleazy escapades of the band as Marc rasps his way through one of the funniest vocal stutters you’ll hear anywhere this year. This is filthy swagger stuff for sure and a full on tongue in cheek strut that really gets under the skin.

“Quarantined” adds fuzzed guitars in the company of fine horns which turns the song into a slice of quality pop music with just the merest hint of ’90s indie ala Jesus Jones thrown in for good measure. “Poor Boy Blues” meanwhile continues the fuzzed out theme, with Eden and company paying potty mouthed tribute to the deep South… of London naturally.

THE PECKHAM COWBOYS - 10 Tales From The Gin Palace (2014) inside

In a parallel universe where “Debt Collector” was the huge hit single that saw The Peckham Cowboys on Top Of The Pops for several consecutive weeks, the equally huge follow up track would have been “You’re Only In It For The Money”, a really, really strong song.
Elsewhere the horn driven “She Was Sweet On Me” and “Cut It Out” once again doff their collective caps to ole bone crusher Jagger whilst also making me recall bands such as The Dirty Strangers and Broken English.

With “10 Tales From The Gin Palace” containing ten all killer and no filler pure rock ‘n roll tracks, the dirty street vibe of album closer “Knocked Senseless” is not just the perfect way to wave goodbye to The Peckham Cowboys but also its title pretty much sums up how you will feel when you too hear this album, because you’ll be knocked bandy by this bastard.
This second album from The Peckham Cowboys really is a true melting pot of influences, and is everything great about music in 2014 combining as it does rock, blues and pop to make “10 Tales From The Gin Palace” not only the best record the band could have produced, but also perhaps one of the most true-blooded records by any UK band lately.
Very Recommended.

01 – Not Guilty!
02 – Bromley Girls
03 – The Debt Collector
04 – Don’t Damn The Hypnotist
05 – Quarantined
06 – Poor Boy Blues
07 – You’re Only In It For The Money
08 – She Was Sweet On Me
09 – Cut It Out
10 – Knocked Senseless

Marc Eden – vocals
Dale Hodgkinson – guitar
Nigel Mogg – bass
Duncan MacKay – keyboards, horns
Timo Kaltio – guitar
Ryan McCormick – drums


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