Peo Pettersson’s KINGS & DREAMS – Kings & Dreams (2014)

Peo Pettersson's KINGS & DREAMS - Kings & Dreams (2014) full


AOR / Melodic Rock connoisseurs are aware of Peo Pettersson’s exceptional solo album Look What I’ve Started, a real gem for fans of the genre. Since the ’80s the man has been in a number of rock bands, toured internationally and has also built up a great reputation as songwriter, arranger, programmer and producer of over 100 albums.
Now Peo is embarked in a new project together with guitarist Dan Bostrom: KINGS & DREAMS, who are releasing their self-titled debut.

Pettersson has played many musical genres, but with Kings & Dreams is returning to his first love: pure Scandinavian AOR / Melodic Rock ’80s / ’90s influenced plenty of catchy choruses, keyboard runs and melodies galore.
This Swede is a musical all-rounder. Not only he a terrific singer, but also an exceptionally gifted instrumentalist, playing – amongst other things – guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. And he writes damn fine songs!

Vibrant, pulsating melodic rockers in the vein of Bad Habit, Grand Illusion or Steelhouse Lane can be found on such numbers like “2000 Miles”, the racing “Save My Soul”, “Moments Of Grace” and the bouncy “Down The Road”.
All is balanced by AOR cuts as the ultra melodic “In Your Arms”, “Give It All Up”, the bluesy ballad “Stay With Me”, the great mid-tempo “How Can I Go On” or the ridiculously catchy, highly harmonized “Mayday”.

Peo Pettersson's KINGS & DREAMS - Kings & Dreams (2014) inside

There’s no doubts or modernisms in “Kings & Dreams”; if you like your Melodic Rock / AOR served in the classic way of things, you can’t miss this wonderful CD.
Peo provides the awesome vocals and elegant instrumentation – seems well-known session musicians from Sweden play here as guests – but most of the music is performed by himself, and Dan Bostrom decorate all this beauty with scintillating solos.
Seriously, this is a must have for Melodic Rock / AOR fans, despite the baffling cover artwork that does not reflects the excellent material packed inside.
Highly Recommended.

01 – 2000 Miles
02 – In Your Arms
03 – Moments Of Grace
04 – It’s Been So Long
05 – Mayday
06 – Give It All Up
07 – Save My Soul
08 – Stay With Me
09 – Mirror Mirror
10 – Down The Road
11 – How Can I Go On


2 Responses

  1. Dan Boström says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Just an add:
    Peo does most of the lead vocals, with Dan singing lead on "In your arms", "Mayday" and "Save my soul".

    All the best,
    Dan Bostrom
    Kings & Dreams

  2. Anonymous says:

    AOR Heaven Records has used your review. Ha!

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