H.E.A.T – Tearing Down The Walls [Japanese Edition] (2014)

H.E.A.T - Tearing Down The Walls [Japanese Edition] (2014) bonus track


“Tearing Down The Walls” is the long awaited new studio album by Swedish Melodic Hard Rock wonders H.E.A.T.
Once again the guys decided to move to Bohus Studios with Grammy award winning producer Tobias Lindell to follow-up the success the pairing had with the previous album, and they have surpassed themselves.

Fourth album, the second with new vocalist and Swedish Idol winner Erik Gronwall, and first release without guitarist Dave Dalone (who decided to leave the band in July of 2013 to pursue new musical challenges), “Tearing Down The Walls” is a blast since the beginning.
Actually, opener “Point Of No Return” is my favourite track on the CD. It starts quietly with a keyboard and acoustic guitar intro for around a minute before exploding into the main body of the track. And when I say, it explodes, I mean it. Pounding drums and wailing guitars join forces with a driving rhythm to great effect, laying the foundations before a chorus to end all choruses kicks in and blows my mind. The first time I heard this track, I found myself smiling and nodding my head in appreciation almost immediately.
I’m sure you already heard “A Shot At Redemption”, the first single released in February; it’s got a real party feel to it with it’s relentlessly catchy upbeat feel and that really strong chorus. It reminds you Slippery When Wet-era Bon Jovi.

H.E.A.T - Tearing Down The Walls (2014) inside

In the past H.E.A.T has impressed thoroughly with a blend of Melodic Rock with a healthy dose of Classic Rock reverence thrown into the mix. It’s a sound they have honed over the last 3 full-length releases.
Where “Tearing Down The Walls” differs is that it takes that sound and builds on it. This is an album that retains those H.E.A.T trademarks and turns up the volume, kicks out the jams and lets fly with a more intense sound!
Indeed, the sound is larger than life and the songwriting style is obviously focalized on the dynamics / hooks, and a little less on the harmonic side than before, yet the melodies are everywhere, very addictive and contagious.

The DNA of the band is still clearly tagged toward MR / AOR (ckeck the awesome “Mannequin Show”), only updated by classic overtones (the terrific Def Leppard-like “Enemy In Me”), with a solid coherence with their newly balanced style between Melodic Heaven (the highlight “We Will Never Die” and “All The Nights”) and Hard Rock Hell (“Inferno” and “Eye For An Eye”), the whole thing is enhanced by new arrangements yet still very classy but in a new found density.
This Japanese Edition includes the bonus track “Shame”, a melodic rocker ready for the arenas with a pulsating rhythm, killer guitar work and a Europe (Kee Marcello era) vibe.

H.E.A.T - Tearing Down The Walls [Japanese Edition] (2014) back cover

H.E.A.T is the TOP Melodic Hard Rock / AOR band out there, period.
Four albums in and not one duffer yet, and now possibly with their best since the debut. Yes, “Tearing Down The Walls” is simply awesome.
The Swedish combo is at the top of its glory, at the peak of their art / mastery of musical craft on this “Tearing Down The Walls”, a CD that will soon be considered, rightly, as a cornerstone of their career but also as a strong statement directed toward the non-believers and the doubters, plus it’s a clear message for the fans of the band and this beloved genre as a concrete confirmation of a bright future.

01. Point Of No Return
02. A Shot At Redemption
03. Inferno
04. The Wreckoning
05. Tearing Down The Walls
06. Mannequin Show
07. We Will Never Die
08. Emergency
09. All The Nights
10. Eye For An Eye
11. Enemy In Me
12. Laughing At Tomorrow
13 – Shame (Japanese Bonus Track)

Erik Grönwall – Vocals
Eric Rivers – Guitar
Jimmy Jay – Bass
Jona Tee – Keyboards
Crash – Drums

H.E.A.T - Tearing Down The Walls (2014) logo


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