ELECTRIC BOYS – Starflight United (2014)

ELECTRIC BOYS - Starflight United (2014) full

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“Starflight United” is the brand new studio album from Swedish rockers ELECTRIC BOYS released today in Scandinavia only through Ninetone Records.
With their comeback 2011 album the Boys marked a warm return for a band many fans have waited to see perform and record again, and this new record is even better, including some songs that gonna be Electric Boys staples right out the gate.

After step in the stages again the guys had so much fun that they decided to make another album with their unique brand of hard rock with power funk and here it is.
“Starflight United” is more rock ‘n roll than funk but the funk ‘n roll is still there in tracks like “Junk In The Trunk” and the ridiculously catchy “Tramp”.
We also find a mix of funky grooves with melodic rock on the jumpin’ “BASF” (Born Again Super Funky), while title track “Starflight United” adds some psychedelia to its hard rock foundation.

As said, half of the material is more rockin’ oriented than before, as hear on the melodic hard rockers “Desire”, the bluesy upbeat “If Only She Was Lonely” and the terrific ballad “Ain’t No Gettin’ Over You”, all akin Aerosmith and alike.
Note that I didn’t mentioned opener and first single “Spaced Out” (already presented on this blog in an advanced singles compilation) which is a rocking track as well, but it is the weakest on the album, not bad at all, but the wrong opening track / single in my opinion.
“Gangin’ Up” rocks with a glammy rhythm, and the midtempo “Lucy Fur” has a beatlesque melody with a nice guitar work. The CD ends with the groovy “59 High Mountain St.”, a jammin’ track with a ‘lively’ vibe.

ELECTRIC BOYS - Starflight United (2014) inside

These Swedes are an extremely fun bunch of rockers and this new “Starflight United” confirms their good taste cleverly combining hard rock, funk and groove.
Electric Boys 2014 sound is modernized, but remains intact with their hard rock roots, with the signature funk/swing waves the band delivered throughout earlier releases that made them so distinct.
“Starflight United” is just so damn cool it speaks for itself. The Electric Boys are a virtually unknown band in the US, but in Scandinavia they are living legends. They definitely deserve more appeal as they can give the young guns a serious run for their money.

01 – Spaced Out
02 – Desire
03 – If Only She Was Lonely
04 – Life Is So Electric
05 – Tramp
06 – Ain’t No Gettin’ Over You
07 – Junk In The Trunk
08 – Gangin’ Up
09 – Lucy Fur
10 – BASF
11 – Starflight United
12 – 59 High Mountain St.

Conny Bloom – lead vocals, guitars
Franco Santunione – guitars, backing vocals
Andy Christell – bass, backing vocals
Niclas Sigevall – drums


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