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Finally one of the most engaging bands from the UK Melodic Hard Rock scene, NIGHT BY NIGHT, has the opportunity to release their full length debut album, entitled “NxN”.
It had to be Swedish label, Sun Hill Productions, who picked up this talented lot, and the physical CD will be available soon.

Night By Night already released two EP (presented here on this blog), indeed, all the tracks included on “NxN” were recorded between 2011-12. It feels like ages ago, but it’s never too late to see the whole thing released at last. It worth the wait, believe me.
Production by Roman Dodangoda (Funeral For My Friend, Bullet For My Valentine) is crisp, carefully elaborated enhancing Night By Night’s sharpness and melody. The weight is where it is needed and the mix comes out vivid and clear.

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This is classic Melodic Hard Rock firmly steeped in the ’80s but with an updated feeling, sometimes we get a little tougher riffage, sometimes an AOR chorus, and even Def Leppard vibes are clearly represented especially in songs like “Everywhere Tonight” that could have been written for ‘Hysteria’.
We have high quality arrangements and playing on “Time To Escape”, “The Moment” or “If Only”, where also you’ll hear Harem Scarem and some Bon Jovi influences, but there’s plenty of unexpected (yet awe-inspiring) twists.
The extremely catchy “Holding Onto Holding On” is a highlight, with a chorus that Journey / Steve Perry could have crafted in 1986, while the moving “Can’t Walk Away” is built around a pristine guitar loop, going in between the tempo and the chorus in a humming form.

“Sirens” is the album’s harder track adding muscle, then comes the upbeat “A Thousand Lies” that possesses another beautiful chorus, followed by the soaring, Canadian sounding “It’s Not Faith”.
Closer and longest track “Never Die Again” sums up this great record starting as a ballad with a mysterious atmosphere, but at 1:16 explodes into a bombastic melodic hard rocker in the classy path, energetic and melodious. Another highlight.

Kudos to Swedish Sun Hill Productions (which is mostly engaged in concert bookings) for the sign up of Night By Night. “NxN” is not available yet on any format, but it will be released soon in Sweden first, then the rest of Europe.
It is so stimulating and joyful to discover new bands like Night By Night, bands that also are not in need of significant development for the future because already on their debut they deliver a flawless product.
“NxN” is classic Melodic Hard Rock, the really good one. When out, pick up a copy without hesitation.

01 – Time To Escape
02 – Holding Onto Holding On
03 – Can’t Walk Away
04 – Everywhere Tonight
05 – Siren
06 – A Thousand Lies
07 – It’s Not Faith
08 – The Moment
09 – If Only
10 – Never Die Again

Henry Rundell: Vocals
Ben Christo: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tom Daniel: Guitars
Jonny Thornton: Bass
Damian Diablo: Drums

Release Date TBA:

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