VANISHING POINT – Distant Is The Sun (2014)

VANISHING POINT - Distant Is The Sun (2014) full


It has been seven years since the last VANISHING POINT album and fans have been anticipating new material from this loved Australian progressive metal act. The wait and expectation supported by the assertions from the band, proclaiming: “it’s a little more technical, more progressive, more of a step forwards compared to how we were previously, yet keeping our melodic feel intact. But at the same time, our existing fans will love it as well.”
So… has “Distant Is The Sun” lived up to expectations?

The answer is a big Yes. This new album exemplifies the high quality of musicianship that surround this underrated band in the prog metal world. “Distant Is The Sun” flows with not only compelling guitar riffs but also has lyrics that are wrapped around the great melodic vocals of Silvio Massaro with true mastery.
If you are a big fan of the ’80s you will love this CD, as while they are quite heavy and technical with an updated sound, the melodies from good ol’ times are present on every bit.
The album as a whole is grandiose in its delivery and definitely more technical like it was described by the band members, but at the same time much more melodic than ever before.

VANISHING POINT - Distant Is The Sun (2014) back cover

The title track is a spectacular example with its strong guitar riffs sprinkled throughout met with slow, melodic piano elements. The aggression of the guitar work and the bombastic rhythm section contrasts with the sweet innocence of the keys and the infectious chorus makes it a stand out track.
“Distant Is the Sun” really shows the guitars shining, with tracks such as “Circle Of Fire”‘ (with special guest Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica / Northern Kings on lead vocals) excelling with super fast paced instrumentals, sharp riffs and solos scattered throughout.
Every song manages to make the instrumentals breakthrough in some way, while the vocals reach a new level with the occasional high scream rearing its head.

But to me, one song sums up how good this lot are. It is called “Let the River Run” and it had me on first listen. I have yet to be able to get through it without singing along. It is a lyrical and musical triumph of a track which I found inspired by Styx. It is a song that deserves to be a huge anthemic stadium hit.
Vanishing Point also excells on power ballads as reflected on the compelling “Story Of Misery”. Another great slower (midtempo) number is the super melodic “As December Fades” with an Allen / Lande touch yet much, much more catchy.
The tail end of the album is engaged with uptempo compositions like the orchestrated “Handful Of Hope” and the more epic “Walls Of Silence”, closing with a wonderful, acoustic fingerpicking cut named “April”.

VANISHING POINT - Distant Is The Sun (2014) cd photo

If you never heard Vanishing Point and read somewhere about them as a power metal outfit, discard that tagline. This is a prog metal band with moments of aggression, yes, but extremely melodic, polished and even catchy.
“Distant Is The Sun” is their best album to date and surely amongst the best of the year in terms of quality on all departments. It is so refreshing to hear such inspired lyrics intertwined with moving vocals and progressive guitar riffs plenty of taste. The music is majestic and uplifting, awesomely produced and mixed.
Hopefully, this terrific album will give them a second chance and opportunity to be heard massively all over the planet.
Very Recommended.

01 – Beyond Redemption (intro)
02 – King Of Empty Promises
03 – Distant Is The Sun
04 – When Truth Lies
05 – Circle Of Fire
06 – Let The River Run
07 – Denied Deliverance
08 – Story Of Misery
09 – Era Zero
10 – Pillars Of Sand
11 – As December Fades
12 – Handful Of Hope
13 – Walls Of Silence
14 – April

Silvio Massaro – Vocals
Chris Porcianko – Guitar
James Maier – Guitar
Simon Best – Bass
Christian Nativo – Drums
James Maier – Keyboards


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