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After a promising debut released by Retrospect Records USA, Argentinian melodic hard rockers GUNNER have a new record label and a new album out: “Keep Fighting“.
The group started life more than ten years ago as a covers band under the moniker of Gunner Sixx (dropped the ‘Sixx’ as requested by Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx) playing songs from acts such as Poison, Bon Jovi, Mr. Big, Europe and other related bands. This gives you a good idea on what sort of original material Gunner have been writing; pure eighties inspired American melodic hard rock.

Although at first glance the quintet comes out as a glam metal band, big hair, fancy clothes and even fancier colors, music-wise, however, Gunner has a Melodic Rock feel with an AOR touch at places.
For this record, they’ve have a new stable member in keyboardist Marcos Prevalil, and his contribution together with an European approach in the songwriting on some material, resulted in a more stylized sound.
Indeed, “Keep Fighting” mixes US and Euro Melodic Hard Rock, and all quite well rounded for a band coming from a non-traditional country for the genre.

GUNNER - Keep Fighting (2014) inside

Upon first play one is able to make out that Gunner have at least two formidable aces in their ranks, one being their lead singer Aaron who uncovers a very impressive vocal range (even by melodic rock standards) which he puts to good use delivering a variety of vocal harmonies and intense choruses.
The other major weapon in Gunner’s arsenal is founder and guitarist Burgallo who is a versatile but consistently melodic shredder; not only does he place melodic guitar lines during the opening riffs, verses and choruses but he seems to have mastered a plethora of solo modes.

As said, the mix of the American style on consistent rockers such as the Mr. Big influenced “In Your Eyes” and the quick “On The Highway”, the King Kobra-like “Strickin ’till Surrender” or the Danger Danger smelling title track “Fight To Survive” work really well with the more European sounding “In Your Eyes” (Pretty Maids come to mind), the solid AOR mid-tempo “Until She Comes To You” and “From Heaven” and the dynamic “Restless Soul”.
On the ballad (with some acoustics) “Where The Love Is Gone” they mix the best of both worlds, where I can hear a Swedish touch ala Bad Habit with a hint of Americans Trixter.

GUNNER - Keep Fighting (2014)band photo

You can’t ask originality on “Keep Fighting”, simply because Gunner loves traditional Melodic Hard Rock / AOR from both sides of the Atlantic ocean, and let me tell you these young dudes have learned the lesson perfectly. The songs are solid, well arranged and played, while production is good for a small label.
As title says, Gunner ‘Keeps Fighting’ to impose these genres in South America, and represents the spirit of their music, which, judging this second effort quality, easily could provide them an international jump.
This is a CD that should satisfy long term fans of traditional Melodic Hard Rock, AOR and American-Hard, providing the ideal example of an album that is diverse but consistently melodic.
Highly Recommended


01 – Escape to Night / Run & Go
02 – In Your Eyes
03 – Fight To Survive
04 – On The Highway
05 – Restless Soul
06 – Until She Comes To You
07 – Hot To The Top
08 – From Heaven
09 – Strickin ’till Surrender
10 – Dark Angel
11 – Where The Love Is Gone
12 – Heartless

Aaron Briglia – vocals
Rodrigo Bugallo – guitar, backing vocals
German Calero – drums
Pablo Ansaldi – bass, backing vocals
Marcos Prevalil – keyboards



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  1. joaquin says:

    oh my God I didn´t knew this guyz were from Argentina, any way this album is in just one word AWESOME !
    It has the voice, the riffs and the lyrics…Congratulations !!!

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