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Germans FREEDOM CALL – a.k.a. the happiest metal band in the universe – are back with a new studio offering, their eighth overall, titled “Beyond”.
If you know the band (their very comprehensive double Greatest Hits from last year was posted HERE) you probably know what to expect from “Beyond”; their music is inspired by acts like Helloween but takes it all to a much melodic ground.

For those unfamiliar with Freedom Call, the group was originally created by Chris Bay (vocals, guitar) and former Gamma Ray drummer Dan Zimmerman (who has since departed). Sonically, they blend powerful metallic guitar riffs with sing-a-long choruses and occasionally blinding keyboards, all extremely contagious. Try to envision Helloween / Avantasia meets Axel Rudi Pell with Saigon Kick harmonies.
Between Chris Bay’s melodic guitar work and his high-pitched vocals, it’s hard to sit still when a Freedom Call album is playing. Lyrics are a bit cheesy, yes, it’s a little weird to hear battle hymns sung in such a high octave, but it’s so damned hard to resist when these guys get going.

“Union of the Strong” is a powerful opener and statement about this album; right off the bat, that happy sing-a-long style is in full force and this track easily will be a winner in live shows.
“Knights of Taragon” starts with a trademark Freedom Call chorus and all seems right on track. The style is a tad heavier, recalling the ’90s German scene via a nice crunchy style just before the captivating bridge to the solo. It continues on “Heart of a Warrior” more epic and at the same time bouncy and commercial.

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But as said, Freedom Call adds hard (melodic) rock touches to their happy metal, and follower “Come On Home” is a right proof of that; a catchy anthem with a quirky attitude and a stadium-ready chorus adorned with stabbing keyboards.
Later, “In the Rhythm of Light” is even more hard rock with an American touch in the sharp riff and the harmony vocals.

“Beyond” is a very solid, totally enjoyable addition to the Freedom Call discography and for fans of that kind of Euro power metal that never gets too heavier and rigid.
It’s a record plenty of highly memorable ‘sing-songy’ tracks that you expect to hear from this band, very dynamic and catchy, quite commercial, easy to the ears and with a crisp production & mix.

01 – Union of the Strong
02 – Knights of Taragon
03 – Heart of a Warrior
04 – Come On Home
05 – Beyond
06 – Among the Shadows
07 – Edge of the Ocean
08 – Journey Into Wonderland
09 – Rhythm of Light
10 – Dance Off the Devil
11 – Paladin
12 – Follow Your Heart
13 – Colours of Freedom
14 – Beyond Eternity

Chris Bay – vocals, guitar
Lars Rettkowitz – guitar, keyboards
Ilker Ersin – bass
Ramy Ali – drums

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