ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN – Birth Of A Conspiracy (2013-2014)

ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN - Birth Of A Conspiracy (2013-2014) full


ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN is NY State band founded four years ago by former Brand New Sin members Joe Altier and Brian ‘Slider’ Azzoto. While Brand New Sin always teetered on the fence of metal, the guys wanted a more classic rock / hard sound, and that’s exactly what we find on Elephant Mountain’s second CD “Birth Of A Conspiracy” just released last December 23rd.

On a cold night in January of 2009, five guys assembled in a practice room in Syracuse, NY. The first night 2 songs were written and Elephant Mountain was born.
Along with Joe, Slider and lead guitarist John Hanus were drummer Lewk Detor and bassist Dave Hoyt, who spent all of that year writing, jamming and finding a ‘sound’. They began mixing all the elements of great classic American rock and adding their own modern twist to it.
For this second album, Elephant Mountain recruited a new rhythm section in bassist Dave Brian Lum and SullyFong hitting the drums (sometimes really louder), while new keyboardist Lou Segreti adds the classic Hammond B3 to the mix.
“Birth Of A Conspiracy” combines passionate vocals, melodic guitars and tons of Hammond B3 organs resulting in a very organic rock ‘n roll mixture with a strong bluesy / southern feel on many songs.

ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN - Birth Of A Conspiracy (2013-2014) inside

Elephant Mountain are not trying to reinvent the wheel, they are just making good music here as heard on the groovy “3304”, the quick & rocking “Born Before My Time” and “The Burden”, the bluesy “Unholy Wars” (a B3 festival here), or the jumping “Loved You Anyway”.
There’s an epic tour-de-force on the 11-minute “Prophet Of The Sane”, an always entertaining composition encompassing almost three songs into one, never dull, always rockin’.
With a crisp production and a perfect mix, if the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Black Country Communion / Glenn Hughes, .38 Special – and why not, some Black Label Society – are your thing, you should check Elephant Mountain’s “Birth Of A Conspiracy” immediately.
This band rocks greatly. Very Recommended.

01. Born Before My Time
02. 3304
03. The Burden
04. Past and Wreckage
05. Unholy Wars
06. The Mighty Have Fallen
07. Loved You Anyway
08. Let It Go
09. Above the Water Line
10. Prophet of the Sane
11. Ghost Track
12. Prelude to a Conspiracy
13. Birth of a Conspiracy

Joe Altier – vocals, keyboards
Brian ‘Slider’ Azzoto – guitar, backing vocals
John Hanus – guitar
Dave Brian Lum – bass
SullyFong – drums
Lou Segreti – Hammond B3


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