CASANOVAS – Sommar I Sverige (2013)

CASANOVAS - Sommar I Sverige (2013) full bonus

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The 0dayrox team is always searching for you new material and bands not always exposed to the major public, or in this case, only known in Scandinavia: CASANOVAS, and their fourth album “Sommar I Sverige” (Summer In Sweden) only released in that country.

Casanovas was formed in 1989 in Vadstena, Sweden, starting as a cover band. They won the Svenska Dansband Competition in 1998 with Andreas Hedenskog as vocalist and recorded the first album in 2000.
But the group really exploded musically when singer Henry Henrik Sethsson entered as lead vocalist in 2006 becoming the band’s producer and chief songwriter, an experienced musician with credits all over the world including songs for other artists, commercials and TV shows.
Casanovas is marketed as ‘dansband’ (dance band), and you can hear that on a couple of tacks on “Sommar I Sverige”, but the real essence here is light AOR with a touch of modern Westcoast on most of the tracks.

Many of you, AOR collectors, surely remember the great Swedish label Atenzia Records started out in 2003 with focus on AOR / Melodic Rock releases, launching fine acts such as Spin Gallery or 101 South, but also reliving the career of Jim Jidhed (Alien), Mark Spiro and Diving For Pearls to name some. More recently, Atenzia has released Chris Antblad’s solo album.
Well, Atenzia is behind Casanovas too, so you know the sound to expect here: refined, polished, melodic light AOR music.

Then is not a surprise to see Robin Beck dueting with Henry Henrik Sethsson on the beautiful mid-tempo AOR gem “On A Day Like Today”.
We find a jumpin’ melodic rock tune in “C’mon C’mon”, same with “Heartbreak Hotel” (a cover of the band Yohios), and the vibrant midtempo “Accidents Can Happen” featuring a very good guitar work and passionate lead vocals, all with the sound of the new wave of Scandi melodic rock.

CASANOVAS - Sommar I Sverige (2013) back cover

I really like the cool wimpy AOR feel on “Om Och Om Igen” (Over and Over Again) and “Här Står Jag” (Here I Stand), both sung in Swedish but this doesn’t bother at all, as the melody and keyboards rule.
There’s fun and cheerful rock&pop numbers like title track, “I En Värld Som är Vår” (In a World that is Ours), “Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye”, and as said, a couple of danceable cuts yet easily digestible.
Much in the light AOR, Wescoast feel of Chris Antblad’s recent solo album flows the sweet “Innan Du Går (Before You Go)” where Sethsson’s lead vocals reminds me of Jim Jidhed, and a velvety cover of Starship’s classic “Sara”.

If you like the light side of Scandi melodic rock and modern AOR with a touch of breezy Euro Westcoast, Casanovas is for you.
On this CD there’s an ‘Eurovision’ feel all over that some may find a bit saccharine, but honestly, I am a sucker for this type of melodies, instantly appealing tunes.
Musicianship, arrangements and production are top notch and polished to the extreme.
A perfect ear-candy to melt this cold winter.

01 – Sommar I Sverige (Summer In Sweden)
02 – On A Day Like Today [Duet with Robin Beck]
03 – C’mon C’mon
04 – Här Står Jag (Here I Stand)
05 – I En Värld Som är Vår (In a World that is Ours)
06 – Don’t You Worry Child
07 – Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
08 – Heartbreak Hotel
09 – Scared of Heights
10 – Accidents Can Happen
11 – Om Och Om Igen (Over and Over Again)
12 – 25 Hours A Day
13 – Innan Du Går (Before You Go) – bonus track
14 – Sara [Starship cover] – bonus track

Henry Henrik Sethsson – vocals, keyboards
Jimmy Lindberg – guitar, backing vocals
Stefan Ryding – bass, backing vocals
His Plahn – drums

CASANOVAS - Sommar I Sverige (2013) cd photo


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