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ANGEL STEEL is a four piece, female-fronted hard rock band from Vancouver, Washington, who are presenting today January 6th their new album “Brotherhood”. Decidedly independent, they have been rocking the US West Coast for ten years playing everywhere as a ‘nomad’ act: apart from rockers, they’re bikers as well.

Leaded by singer Angel Steel the band has already self-released 8 albums with a classic American metal sound, but for “Brotherhood”, Angel decided to record a ‘personal’ CD. In fact, “Brotherhood” should be considered as an Angel Steel (the singer) solo album.
The guys from the band are still backing her, but the songs written by Angel for the occasion and the sound / production are traditional ’80s hard rock inspired with much more melody and groove than the typical material from this indie act.

Angel says: “After listening the advanced songs, many fans have been asking me why I have deviated from my normal musical style. The answer is simple; this is the album I have always wanted to write!
It’s about my life… it’s about rock ‘n roll… it’s about bikers… it’s about kickin’ ass, having a good time and being on 2 wheels every day! I recorded it my way, used my own producer, used the studio that I love and didn’t bow down to the record company and just become one more of their digital billboards.
There’s no cover tunes and not a tribute to a f’n thing! This is just good solid hard rock, something you can crank up and rock the hell out to – and most of all – it’s raw, it’s honest and from the heart!”

ANGEL STEEL - Brotherhood (2014) inside

She could not have described “Brotherhood” better: this is a ten track in-your-face corker with strong groovy waves featuring Angel’s soulful leads.
There’s a quite interesting guitar work throughout (specially the panned rhythm layers) and dynamic drumming on “Ready To Fight” (one of the best cuts), “Wild Child”, the steady “You Can’t Break Me” and the marching “Raising Hell” where Angel sings her heart out.
All the songs are equal in energy, well produced and mixed for an indie, but honestly I don’t understand the inclusion of the live track “Dirty Mind”, poorly recorded and barely audible.
Anyway, “Brotherhood” is a very nice slice of classic US hard rock with female vocals smelling Harley Davidson’s oil & gas and with an ‘on the road’ vibe.
Good stuff.

01 – Brotherhood
02 – Ready to Fight
03 – Wild Child
04 – Home Is Anywhere
05 – Ten Years
06 – You Can’t Break Me
07 – Raising Hell
08 – Overcome
09 – Dirty Mind (Live bonus track)
10 – More Than Friends

Angel – Vox
Stacy – Guitars
Jerry – Bass
Jimmy – Drums


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