SKEEM – … Just Suggesting (2013)

SKEEM - ... Just Suggesting (2013) 2 CD full


SKEEM is a marvellous combo arriving from France. Commanded by singer, guitarist and keyboard player Serge Barbaro, in 2001 Skeem presented itself via a self-titled debut with limited distribution.
And now, 12 years later, there’s suddenly a new album entitled “… Just Suggesting”, and it’s a double, no less.

Skeem is pure Neo Prog in the best definition of the genre, that is: easy melodies, very melodic, plenty of keyboards and not afraid to catchiness.
“… Just Suggesting” is full of instantly likeable melodic lines, ear-candy songs, benefited by very a transparent and open production.
All the lyrics are in English, sung by Barbaro with a warm approach and more importantly in an understandable fashion. The guitar work is first rate, delicate at places, mixed with well thought synthesizers and a competent steady drum beat.

SKEEM - ... Just Suggesting (2013) booklet

Skeem’s brand of neo progressive rock has a definite European Prog sound similar to late ’80s Marillion and Jadis in style, with leanings towards Melodic Hard Rock / AOR at times, akin Saga, Asia, with commercial Rush waves.
Despite its length – you have two discs here and more than one and half hour of music – “… Just Suggesting” flows wonderfully. In fact, I can’t stop listening this fabulous release.

I won’t spread any further comments about this gorgeous little gem.
If your like your light, neo prog spiced with AORish melodies, or the other way around, your AOR / Melodic Rock with more elaborated substance and diversity, you can’t miss “… Just Suggesting”.
Super Highly Recommended.

SKEEM - ... Just Suggesting (2013) back cover

Disc 1 :
1. The Grand Scheme
2. All We Are
3. Gone Away Muse
4. Half a Life
5. Last Days
6. Drowned Dreams
7. The Journey Within
8. The Perfect Truth

Disc 2 :
1. The Hidden Path
2. Book of Shadows
3. Colors
4. The End Complete
5. Naked Lies
6. The Power of Angels
7. The Grand Scheme Resumption

Serge Barbaro: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jonathan Lattore: Bass
Joe Massot: Drums
Berny Barbaro: Keyboards & Arrangements
Pierre Teodori: Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Fretless Bass
Jessica Passarin, Oreema, John Cobalt: Backing vocals

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