NEVERSIN – Of Robots And Men (2013)

NEVERSIN - Of Robots And Men (2013) full

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Although “Of Robots And Men” is their first international album, this actually the second recording by Italian quintet NEVERSIN. This outfit from Padova, Italy, was founded in 2004 by guitarist Matteo ‘Skench’ Scalcon aiming to explore all the rock sub-genres to give their music a wide variety of content.
After listening “Of Robots And Men” all I can say is that NeversiN not only achieved their goal, they are also one of the most interesting bands recently appeared.

“Of Robots And Men” it’s a fascinating eclectic mix of styles. The guys in NeversiN define themselves as a Hard Rock band, but there’s much, much more into their intriguing compositions.
You can hear throughout the album a compelling blend of stylized Hard Rock, Prog Metal, Neo Prog and even tech-melodic metal ala Queensryche circa Rage For Order. But all elaborated in a very personal way.

NEVERSIN - Of Robots And Men (2013) inside

I must point some important aspects of their music: the sound is clean and pristine, almot clinical, melodic and yes, catchy when needed. I say when needed because “Of Robots And Men” features some strong riffs but also tons of imaginative effects, samples, synths and more.
This is not a ‘modern rock’ album, in fact, most of this stuff has an ’80s / 90s feel yet stylistically talking it sounds awesomely ‘techie’. Again, the sophisticated approach brings to mind mid-eighties Queensryche, but musically NeversiN is more varied.

You can see a long tracklist, but don’t be afraid; the first half of “Of Robots And Men” features songs clocking the 2 minute mark. And all are wonderfully crafted, chained in between as some good old LP’s used to be.
The second half offers more traditional song format with some ’80s Saga / Rush touches and the very first Dream Theater, all revolving around future technology and how it will affect us. I won’t mention the highlights, as the album should be enjoyed as a whole for better effect.
And let me tell you, there’s not a single filler here.
Everything is polished to the extreme, the riffs sharp and melodic (including acoustic moments), the rhythm section precise – drummer Albertino Quarta is clearly influenced by Neil Peart and that’s a good thing in my book – and the layered vocals are astonishingly arranged.

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss NeversiN’s “Of Robots And Men”.
It’s terrific.

NEVERSIN - Of Robots And Men (2013) photo

01 – Escape from the Planet of the Robots
02 – I
03 – Violet
04 – Planet Earth
05 – The Star Watcher
06 – Return to the Planet of the Robots
07 – Borg Fight
08 – System Failure
09 – Enterprise
10 – Sons of the Highlands
11 – Ghostrider
12 – Hit the Road
13 – Kryptonite
14 – Maybe it’s Me (bonus track)

Filippo “Ben” Benetton (lead vocals & backing vocals)
Matteo “Skench” Scalcon (guitars & vocals)
Federico “Sgana” Fabian (guitars, synths)
Daniele “Hurt” Businari (bass)
Alberto “Albertino” Quarta (drums & percussion)


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