– This One Goes To Eleven MRCD11 (2013) - This One Goes To Eleven MRCD11 (2013) full


Issued by Melodic Rock dot com through its own Melodic Rock Records, “This One Goes To Eleven” this is the eleventh sampler with a kind of who is who in the current melodic rock scene, presenting previously unreleased tracks.

Just started listening to this compilation and already the opening duo of Degreed and Erik Martensson (Eclipse) are blowing me away.
Amongst the gems we find the exclusive unreleased AOR anthem “The Hard Way” by Jimmy Lawrence, co-written and featuring legend Randy Goodrum, the unreleased John Waite track “Chasing Down The Wind” or Marc Scherer with Jim Peterik doing a version of Pride Of Lions’ “Sending My Love”. - This One Goes To Eleven MRCD11 (2013) booklet

Also featured are new bands to watch for, like Aussie AORsters The Radio Sun with “World’s Crazy Now” and Brunner, with a song featuring Paul Shortino on lead vocals.
Add to this really good unreleased numbers or singles from upcoming 2014 releases by N.O.W. (great one), Ferreira, Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Ron Keel, Bonrud, Mad Max, etc.
If you like Melodic Rock music, then you can’t go wrong with he 60 + minutes of MRCD11. - This One Goes To Eleven MRCD11 (2013) inside

01. Degreed – Saving My Soul (Exclusive New Track)
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation

02. Erik Martensson – Bullet in The Gun (Exclusive Unreleased)
Erik’s extended writers demo for the song that appeared on the latest Jimi Jamison album.

03. All I Know – Running Away (Exclusive New Track)
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation! The band’s new album coming soon.

04. Alessandro Del Vecchio – Fever Dreams (Unreleased)
Ale’s original writers demo for the Hardline album, spruced up for MRCD11

05. Jimmy Lawrence – The Hard Way (Exclusive Unreleased)
A monster exclusive unreleased AOR anthem from Jimmy that is co-written by and features Randy Goodrum.

06. John Waite – Chasing Down The Wind (Exclusive Unreleased)
Another monster exclusive – this killer ballad from John was written and recorded with Jesse Harms.

07. Beggars & Thieves – Gypsy
Previously unavailable except for an old MTM Music Records compilation.

08. House Of Shakira – Shell Shock (Exclusive New Track)
Brand new track, recorded during the new album sessions. Exclusive for this compilation

09. Ferreira – Night To Remember (New Preview Track)
Brand new track from Marc Ferreira – from the new Ferreira album coming November.

10. Windup Rocket – Thankful Heart (New Preview Track)
New Preview Track from album due in 2014.

11. N.O.W. – It’s Too Much (Exclusive Unreleased)
Unreleased track, exclusive for this compilation

12. Marc Scherer – Sending My Love (Exclusive Unreleased)
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation. Marc’s version (with Jim Peterik) of the recent Pride Of Lions tune.

13. The Radio Sun – World’s Crazy Now (New Preview Track)
New preview track – great things to come from these Aussie AOR lads.

14. Brunner – Riding High feat. Paul Shortino (Exclusive)
Brand new track, exclusive for this compilation.

15. Bill Leverty – Ace Bandage
Brand new track, from Bill’s upcoming solo album.

16. Mad Max – Deal With It (Exclusive New Track)
Brand new track, recorded exclusively for this compilation

17. Ron Keel – The Cowboy Road (Exclusive Version)
Brand new track, exclusive extended version for this compilation. From Ron’s upcoming solo album.

18. Bonrud – In Your Arms Again (Exclusive Unreleased)
Previously Unreleased, from the last album sessions. - This One Goes To Eleven MRCD11 (2013) back cover


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