KILL FOR EDEN – Living On Mars (2013)

KILL FOR EDEN - Living On Mars (2013) full


On this blog we have already presented British four-piece KILL FOR EDEN and their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album released in June. The band have decided to strike while the iron is hot presenting the new EP “Living On Mars” featuring one remixed song from the debut plus two new tunes.

The band’s sound is based around lead singer Lyla D’Souza’s powerful but tuneful vocals. She comes across as a little bit of a throwback to the ’70s and ’80s to me with a touch of soul in there, and is far from just being an out and out screamer.
This is obvious during the EP’s title track where she fills in the gaps in the stop start guitar riffing with soulful wails before yelping angrily lines like “see how you like it”, in a chorus aimed at the ex the song is about. The big guitar solo at the end lets the rest of the band shine too.
First of the new tunes, “The Dome”, is a heavier more modern sounding affair alternating between quiet, reflective passages and frantic sections full of sharp riffs and screaming but it all hangs together pretty well with memorable vocal and guitar hooks along the way and another fine six-string solo. This song was based around Stephen King’s sci-fi thriller ‘Under The Dome” and you can tell where the inspiration fell.

KILL FOR EDEN - Living On Mars EP (2013) band photo

Final track “Shoot Me” is a groovier, more bass heavy song with Lyla’s melancholy tale of heartache and sorrow on the verses leading to a big riff and a great, articulated chorus. After a few plays I found this song quite addictive and the best of the three on offer here.

If you heard and liked Kill For Eden’s debut (HERE), you will be impressed as well with “Living On Mars” EP, showing a talented band with some old hard rock roots but never sounding outdated, plus a damn fine and unusual vocalist to boot.
It bodes well that the newer songs are even stronger, which means Kill For Eden are in permanent evolution. If you are into the likes of Halestorm or are an old rocker who yearns for the halcyon days of Joanna Dean and Chrissy Steele then this is a band that are definitely worth checking out.
Very good.

1 – Living On Mars (new mix)
2 – The Dome
3 – Shoot Me

Lyla D’Souza – Vocals
Dave Garfield – Guitars
Andrea Basiola – Guitars
Mike McGuiness – Bass
Wally MMiroshnikov – Drums
thanks to Ian Sutherland


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