DOGFACE – Back On The Streets (2013)

DOGFACE - Back On The Streets (2013) full


Founded by the mighty Swedes Mats Levén and Martin Kronlund DOGFACE released two successful albums at the beginning of past decade, and now have returned with the properly entitled CD “Back On The Streets” published by AOR Heaven.
Needless to talk about Levén & Kronlund pedigree. Since the first couple of albums with Dogface, both have seen extensive action in projects and bands, so rest assured these two are amongst the most sought after contributors in the Melodic Hard Rock field.

The rest of the band includes drummer Perra Johansson (Coldspell) and bass player Mikael Carlsson, both as well together with Kronlund on the recent really good outfit Lover Under Cover.
The sound and style of Dogface is quite classic: ‘American’ DIO circa 1986 blended with the more melodic side of Tony Martin-led Sabbath (a good thing, I may add) and high doses of the Swedish present Melodic Hard Rock waves.
Levén is a singer of great renown and he illustrates on “Back On The Streets” that his range and power is beyond question. This is a singer with the roar and precision to rival the best around and he doesn’t leave any of that on the shelf.
Kronlund on the other hand is a songwriter and guitarist who never misses the mark, whether operating in more melodic surrounds or the meaty style employed by Dogface. So bring all that together with a brilliant rhythm section and you have a winner here.

DOGFACE - Back On The Streets (2013) inside cover

“Footsteps On The Moon” is an astounding opener, barging in with chunky riffs entangled with melodic reins, followed by a personal favourite; “Can’t Face Tomorrow”, a catchy energetic heart stopper, abiding by the law of The Poddles yet more sharp, with the guitars riffs sounding so bright and clear.
Title track “Back On The Streets” is a robust hard rocker assembling a rhythm section in the vein of the ’80s along with a catchy guitar baggage, vintage keys and an explosive chorus.
Within “Higher” there is fine Coverdale-Hughes era Purple (without the funk) feel along with Levén’s kick-ass performance. For one thing I enjoyed the synergy of the Hammond with the guitars.

There’s much more to enjoy here: the deep ballad “The Fall” driven by an intense pulse, the melodic groovy “Fired”, and “Crazy Horses”, going into an harmonic bluesy hard rocker ala Whitesnake.
For the end, we have another highlight; the semi acoustic and hazy “Freaking Out”, clasping some interesting psychedelic echoes. Lyrically, this song represents the feelings and observations that result from a trip that is taken whilst on LSD. Mixing elements of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by The Beatles with their brand of European Hard Rock, this track is a real joy. United harmonious vocals lift the straight forward chorus which only goes to add a bow to the wrapping on this song.

DOGFACE - Back On The Streets (2013) back cover

Combining the talents of these terrific musicians, Dogface’s “Back On The Streets” is and enjoyable rocking album packing many classic hard rock elements with shadows of modernity.
All involved deliver the best, and of course, thanks to Kronlund’s vast experience behind the desk, production is excellent, bright and crisp.
Very Recommended.

01. Footsteps On The Moon
02. Can’t Face Tomorrow
03. Higher
04. The Fall
05. Back On The Streets
06. Fired
07. Get Up
08. Start A Fire
09. Crazy Horses
10. Freaking Out

Mats Levén – Vocals
Martin Kronlund – Guitars
Mikael Carlsson – Bass
Perra Johansson – Drums


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