CAGE THE GODS – Favourite Sin (2013)

CAGE THE GODS - Favourite Sin (2013) full + extras

* Only for 24 Hs

“Favourite Sin” is the debut EP from CAGE THE GODS, the new, young British Hard Rock four-piece that fuse together rock ‘n’ roll culture from the four corners of the UK: Irishman Peter Comerford on vocals, Scotsman Jam on guitar, Mitch Witham on bass from Wales and then English sticksman Colin Jones.
The bunch have already toured with Pretty Maids, The Answer, Tainted Nation and soon supporting The Treatment all over the islands, and truly are ready for their first release, this thunderously blues hard rock EP inspired by American & English sounds.

Title track “Favourite Sin” is a fast energetic opener with some good sleazy guitar riffs and bouncy drumming. The bass is heavy and domineering, and Comerford’s vocals soar above in fine style. The radio friendly chorus is infectious and catchy (check the official video below).
“From The Start” has some funky sounding bass and bluesy guitar lines, more slowed down and restrained than the first song. It’s a highly rhythmical track driven by a cool riff.

Next “Wake Up” is one of the strongest numbers on this EP. Again it is not fast in tempo, but the excellent guitar riffs and different tones used throughout are really, really nice, and the chorus is dramatic with such an epic feel.
“Sacrifice” ends the official release strangely presented in its acoustic form, warmly done.

I’d said ‘official release’ because there’s more. Exclusively for 0dayrox we have a couple of extras.
An one of them is “Sacrifice”, but electric. This rocker acquires a new dimension fully amped up, and rocks hard.
The other track is called “Bruce Willis (My Time Is Now)”, great title eh? This one was originally chosen to be the single and main title of the EP, but they left the track off the album. Honestly I don’t understand why, because it’s a killer hard rocker with a strong live vibe.

Cage The Gods’ first release “Favourite Sin” shows a band with tremendous potential, with enough variation in both pace and style to please any demanding classic hard rock fan.
It is a promising debut for this quartet that could have a pretty promising career ahead of them.
Very Recommended listen.

01 – Favourite Sin
02 – From The Start
03 – Wake Up
04 – Sacrifice (Acoustic Version)
05 – Bruce Willis (My Time Is Now) [bonus]
06 – Sacrifice – Electric Version – [bonus]

Peter Comerford – vocals
Jam – guitar, backing vocals
Mitch Witham – bass, backing vocals
Colin Jones – drums


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